Choice to show text in clear dots, not smooth as it makes it diffuse.

  • Would be nice with option to show text in clear dots, not smooth as it makes it diffuse. I have chosen this in windows and other apps (like the original Opera) then shows letters in clear dots. Why not Vivaldi? In Vivaldi the text is diffuse!

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    Vivaldi (like other Chromium browsers) has a different font rendering system as old Opera 12.

    Try this (may not have great effects):

    Open vivaldi://flags/#lcd-text-aa
    Select Deactivate
    Restart Vivaldi

  • Can't see it made any notable difference.

  • That flag only sets whether or not Vivaldi should use subpixel rendering or grayscale rendering. It doesn't really change the way it renders fonts.

    A better flag to try would be the "Disable Direct Write" flag. Try enabling it (it's a bit confusing, but enabling the flag disables DW, disabling the flag enables DW).

    However you should probably get yourself used to it, DirectWrite is here to stay (unfortunately, as it is not very good).

  • Yes! That made it!
    Better with clear chars even if they are a bit rough - then diffuse chars like on old CRT screens.

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    Yes, Disable DirectWrite looks better.

    But is has a disadvantage, that some Windows fonts (Extrabold ones like Arial Black etc.) are not displayed correctly on webpages.

  • Yes i know. Some uses fonts created to look better with this smoothness thing - disabling it makes it look even worse.
    Have considered sending pictures of some webpages to the owner to show them how stupid their web site looks on "my computer".

  • It doesn't really matter whether you use DirectWrite or not - all of the standard font rendering options available on Windows, including DW, butcher the fonts one way or the other. Windows font rendering is very sensitive to hinting - if it "likes" the hinting of the font, it can look kinda OK. If not…terrible things happen.

    That's speaking kinda objectively, of course - it's entirely up to you which font rendering you do or do not like.


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