Video can not playing

  • I also wrote it in the Japanese version of the forum, but I can not solve it in there but write it even here.

    I can not play videos other than YouTube.
    I deleted the profile data(application support/vivaldi) of Vivaldi and it is not playing the video even if it returns to the complete initial state.


    Iā€™m using the NVIDIA GTX 680 video card on Mac Pro.
    I can play videos on other same Chromium type browsers such as Brave.
    What is the reason why video can not be played?

    This continues from Vivaldi 1.x and macOS 10.12.x.

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    @izacks thanks for your post and sorry for the trouble.

    We need a bit more information to be able to follow up with this issue.
    Would you please visit the following site, copy paste its content and share it with us on :

    • GPU: vivaldi://gpu

    And could you visit the following links and tell us which option is selected for the selected flags:

    • vivaldi://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist
    • vivaldi://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-decode

    Thank you for your time and using Vivaldi šŸ™

  • @gaelle said in Video can not playing:





    I tried switching Disabled/ Enabled, but it did not change.

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    @izacks The reason for asking you to check vivaldi://gpu is to determine whether or not GPU hardware acceleration is active on your system. If you're using software-based rendering, then Vivaldi won't be able to play various media formats (such as H.264 video streams) and video playback on will fail on some sites.

    Hardware acceleration can be disabled for one of two reasons:

    • it was disabled in Settings
    • the GPU on your Mac was blacklisted by the Chromium team due to an incompatibility between their code and the graphics driver on your Mac.

    If your GPU got blacklisted, you can try to override the blacklist by enabling vivaldi://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist. This should get video playback working again but it's also possible that you might experience rendering glitches or performance issues on some web sites.

    If hardware acceleration is enabled in Vivaldi but you are still unable to play media on some sites, then that's due to Vivaldi using a decoder that is incompatible with your Mac hardware. This typically affects 2010-era iMacs, but it's also known to affect some other genuine Macs and some "Hackintosh" systems. There are no workarounds for this at the moment, and the Vivaldi team would appreciate it anyone affected could report a bug and also include their model of Mac and GPU details in the bug report.


  • I tried changing the video card from NVIDIA GTX 680 to AMD Radeon RX580. It can not play with RX580 as well. It is the same error.
    Is the RX 580 also blacklisted? I do not change even if "Override software rendering list" is enabled.


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