Option to Hide Add Tile on Start Page but Show Add Folder on Navigation Bar

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    For the start page, when we have the add button enabled at the top, please give us an option to hide the large add tile.

    [bug reported VB-47975]

  • @TsunamiZ Go to Settings, Start Page to hide the Add button.

    Right-click, Add Bookmark to Speed Dial can be used when the button is hidden, or one can add bookmarks to speed dial from the Add Bookmark tile in the URL field, or from the Shortcut

  • in settings, unchecking "show add button" hides both, so it is currently not doing what i want.

  • @TsunamiZ If you're happy with using Right-click or double-click to add Speed Dial Tiles, then you can use the same methods to add new Speed Dial folders.

    0_1546891659416_Add Folder.png

    Edit: From your comment on the other topic, you just want a blank start page, with no buttons, and no navigation bar. So, why do you need the + button on the navigation bar that you want to hide?

    Restored feature request and edited title to be clearer

  • but when i set the add button to hide, i don't like having the "double click blank area to add" behavior active on my start page--it can lead to triggering adding by accident by other users in my family. it is part of the reason why i want the devs to implement my original request--which is also the way it was before a version update in late 2018.

    it is important for us to have more fine control over how we want our start page to look and how the screen space is used.

  • @TsunamiZ I restored the thread.

    You might be interested in the request to Lock Speed Dial Entries

    In Opera 12.18 this prevents anyone from moving, deleting, or adding bookmarks. The linked request actually asks only to lock moving of tiles. I think a total lock is better if you share a computer.

  • thanks for pointing out that topic. i voted for it. but i think my request here is quicker and easier for the devs to implement, since it can be just a checkbox option.


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