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  • Web Panel 3, Web Panel 4, Web Panel 5, etc. -- keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures do not work for these; they only work for Web Panel 1 and Web Panel 2

    Is this a known bug? I am using the current Snapshot ( 2.3.1401.7) on Windows 7 32-bit.

  • What shortcuts have you assigned? It works fine for me.

    Note that the Mail Panel and Contacts Panel are not listed in Keyboard preferences yet. I have intentionally skipped Ctrl+4 and Ctrl+5 for when these panels are added.

    0_1546818901673_Web Panel Shortcuts.png

  • Ctrl-Shift-7 for Web Panel 3 and Ctrl-Shift-6 for Web Panel 4 do not work at all.

    Ctrl-Shift-9 for Web Panel 1 and Ctrl-Shift-8 for Web Panel 2 works fine, though.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @treego Both Ctrl+Shift+7 and Ctrl+Shift+6 work for me (tested for web panels 3 and 4, respectively). Do these commands work if you assign them to anything else (new tab, e.g.)? It could be that your issue occurs because an extension or something hijacks those keys.

  • Well, I tried Ctrl-Shift-7 on Web Panel 1 and Ctrl-Shift-6 on Web Panel 2 and they both work fine.

    When I try Ctrl-Shift-9 on Web Panel 3 and Ctrl-Shift-8 on Web Panel 4, they do not work at all.

    Again, mouse gestures do not work for me on Web Panels besides Web Panels 1 and 2, also.

  • Well, I found this thread from about 10 months ago where I reported the confirmed bug with respect to the mouse gestures not working with Web Panel 3, Web Panel 4, Web Panel 5, etc.

    I guess Vivaldi still has not been able to rectify this, yet.

  • Does Vivaldi have any response to this issue, I wonder?

  • Vivaldi Translator

    The Vivaldi Team generally spends their time with working on the browser, rather than replying to forum posts.
    Here's what I suggest you do:

    1. Refresh your profile.
    2. Check if keyboard commands work for web panels 3+.
    3. If they still don't work, install a new copy of Vivaldi (download the installer and make sure to check the "Standalone" checkbox in the installer, so that the new installation doesn't overwrite your old one).
    4. Check if the issue still exists in the new installation.

    If the issue was fixed by either step 1 or step 3, then you either have a corrupt profile/installation or an extension causing issues.

    (Regarding the mouse gesture bug: If it has been confirmed, then it will be fixed eventually. However, if it hasn't been fixed yet it probably means that there are more pressing matters for the team to take care of.)

  • @treego It works for my.

    • I assigned Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+3 to Web Panel 3
    • I assigned Mouse GestureDown, GestureRight to Web Panel 3

    Both work as expected, though in mouse gestures in general often show the context menu if not executed quite right.

  • @Komposten okay, thank you ... I will try these things later ...

  • Refreshing the profile has solved the issues with keyboard shortcuts AND mouse gestures not working for Web Panels 3, 4, 5, etc.

    Thank you Komposten and Pesala and others for your input on this. 🙂

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