Unable to type into extension fields

  • I am unable to type into the fields for some of my extensions. I would like to amend notes that I clip with "OneNote Webclipper" and add tags to my "Save to Pocket" extension, but neither allow me to type into their fields. I am updated with both the browser and extensions and am not sure what the problem might be. Does anyone have any idea?

  • @bitdoc
    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Sadly there have been some problems again with those kind of extensions.

    As I don't use them myself I just quote threads I read on the forum, one workaround was posted here by pohanginapete:
    However, by chance I discovered that if I open the web clipper then switch to another tab (leaving the web clipper open in the original tab) then switch back, I can type into the tag, remarks, and title fields. I've tried this several times and it works consistently.

    A possible solution to this also might be to disable strict site isolation you can do this via the flags:
    Go to vivaldi://flags than type strict and disable said settings and restart vivaldi.

    In any case it would be nice to get a feedback if those still work - oh and please go to vivaldi://aboutand copy-paste your vivaldi version (from the first line there) so we can have a look if you use a version that is already known for that bug or if it is occurring new for your version.
    Thanks in advacne


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