Vivaldi gets stuck on some pages, very slow like frozen

  • @seeley
    Sorry but I cannot underline what you write. Usually Vivaldi runs fast an good, but it freezes sometimes in the actual version. ( I returned to 2.0.1309.37).
    I have the OS Linuxmint 18.3.
    Installing the OS the first I do is to uninstall Firefox before it makes an update.
    With this behaviour all is ok. Only that it sometimes freezes and this since a long time, there I agree with you .
    And I checked it with W7 on the PC of my wife with the same results. She has installed Opera12, the newest Opera and Vivaldi stable 1.15.1147.55.

  • @QuHno said in Vivaldi gets stuck on some pages, very slow like frozen:

    I just stumbled upon VB-48438 in the bug tracker.

    Would be fun if someone with this problems - anyone - would mention some system specifications, like e.g. which GPU, which flags are set (if any), mention settings which are not standard (if any) which extensions are installed (if any), if more than one window is open, if those tabs are the only one or a gazillion of tabs are open at the same time, if a HOSTS file in use, etc pp. to a bug report - or at least parts that are relevant.

    I have now clicked through all of the mentioned problematic pages here in this thread. I did that on 3 different computers, 2 of them W7/10 dual-boot, tested with both systems, starting with 8 year old with a weak and blacklisted GPU and not too much RAM, going over a middle class Laptop and up to a fairly powerful machine - all loaded with a fair amount of tabs (60 to 80 on average), on the weak machine most of them in hibernation - and I can not reproduce the freezes.

    No blocking apart a moderate HOSTS files which keeps some malware off my computers, no active extensions, altered settings: UI Animations off. All GPUs are AMD starting from HD3300 up to R9 480, no flags set for overrides.

    That was about half a hour wasted.

    Seriously: Some kinds of freezes or slow reacting are incredibly difficult to reproduce if you don't have the same hardware or software configuration. If such freezes happen, there can't be too much information.

    My whole system and hardware config is the same as when Vivaldi didn't have these big problems, running programs are the same except one which is a java based mind mapping app, java is disabled for any browser though. Firewall is Windows Firewall Control, a graphical improvement which uses windows firewall.

  • The latest 64bit version not only freezes and slows down but has also other problems like the menus sometimes don't open when you click them and the bookmarks folders in the bookmark bar sometimes don't open too.

    I switched back to 2.2.1388.37 32 bit which so far is better, of all the webpages listed here it slowed down in just one ( )

  • I turned off hardware acceleration and everything seems much faster. I would try this and see what your results are.

  • @Chiller84 Will probably not change much - looks kike his GPU is blacklisted anyway if I read the snippet of vivaldi://gpu in this post right:
    Still missing the info which GPU though - because for some a hardware override in vivaldi://flags works, while others react highly allergic on that.

  • Disabling HW acceleration and enabling blacklist didn't work for me. It would run fast for a while then it'll become slow again.

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    @rzz Depends on hardware, Windows and installed extensions.

  • @Gwen-Dragon I disabled uBlock Origin, everything seems smoother now.

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    @rzz I guess it depends on used lists and filters in uBlockOrigin.

  • In Vivaldi 2.3 the problem was fixed for me. (Windows 10 64-bit; Version 1803)

  • Seems to be fixed for me as well with Vivaldi 2.3 (2.3.1440.41 (Stable channel) (64-bit))

    But just to be sure:

    @Gwen-Dragon Could you please check the status of VB-47752 for me. Has it been marked as fixed? I couldn't find it in the changelog for 2.3.

    Thanks a lot in advance! 🙂

  • it seems to be solved, btw by using the previous version in windows 10 those issues didn't happen!

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    @HellbillyDeluxe said in Vivaldi gets stuck on some pages, very slow like frozen:


    As the slow/freez is gone in 2.3 Stable, i will close the bug.

  • Sorry, but the bug is still available. Found in W7 .
    It was about 8 times frozen and three times it closes itself.

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    I reopend the bug.

  • Yes. Still getting global crashes with 2.3.1440.41 on Windows 7 Pro x64:


    Also, pages/tabs are freezing and will not respond, while the refresh button is frozen as an "X" and there's no way out unless you close the tab and reopen it.

  • At first I was sure that it is depending on pressing "F3" (find in page) or if a PDF-file is going to be opened. But today it happens by refreshing a form.

    I think this all is not the real reason. But I can confirm that this bug is not since yesterday. I had the experience with Vivaldi at the first time I have installed it. May be two years ago.

    Mod Edit: Corrected terminology for greater clarity.

  • Meanwhile I have returned to Version 2.0.1309.37 on all PCs because the actual version fails too often. I will wait until other customers write that this fault is definitively removed.

  • @harrygrey Just did this, returned to 2.0.1309.37 and it works perfectly fine now. I had exactly the same problem

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    😱 No do not install older versions!

    ⚠ To all users who returned to version to 2.0 ⚠

    This will give you a unsecure browser!

    Your own risk if you run into problems with malware and dataloss.


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