Vivaldi gets stuck on some pages, very slow like frozen

  • update: after having disaled hardware acceleration and smooth scrolling the problem seemed solved but it's actually NOT COMPLETELY SOLVED.
    The browser on some pages still slows down, I can't click the links, scrolling is very slow. Less than having hardware acceleration and smooth scrolling on but the problem is still present. Can the developers take this issue that also many others (look link above) have into consideration?

  • I've submitted a bug report a while back (VB-47752), but I was told that the developers couldn't reproduce my issue.
    But reading this thread, it seems that more people are affected and I don't think that disabling hardware acceleration seems to be the best solution. It's merely a workaround.

    But if more people submit a bug report and describe the problem as detailed as possible, maybe the developers will be able to reproduce and eventually fix this problem.

  • same problem

  • I have the same problem too.

  • I have had the same problems and searched for a long time until I found the reason:
    I used a certain DNS what made this trouble. I changed it to and and all was fine. But since yesterday it happens that Vivaldi denied "Ecosia". I changed to the default DNS of my provider (German Telekom)and it was o.k.

  • @harrygrey what dns did you use that you say caused the problem?

  • @tawell
    as already written these IP-adresses: and
    Cloudflair and Quad9 I think.
    I have got it from this German "handbook"
    Should be very safe. But it was too safe ☺
    It did not work correctly.

  • even with hardware acceleration and smooth scrolling disabled this simple page gets seriously stuck and slows down vivaldi:

  • @tawell
    Hi, this link open in < 1 second on my system.
    Some user report anti virus software block Vivaldi partially, Avast and ESET for example, and disable it does not work. They had to uninstall it for testing.
    I use Vivaldi on different systems with Linux and Windows and never had these problems.

    Cheers mib
    EDIT: Hardware acceleration enabled on all systems.

  • i changed the dns to google dns but hardware acceleration and smooth scrolling are still off, i will try for some time and update wether or not there's any permanent improvement, so far i opened two pages where vivaldi got stuck before and this time it didn't.


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