No Sound in Window

  • I have a very similar issue (Win10 x64) with regular non-private windows.

    I start with one window open, with a few tabs, all of which can play sound. When I open a second window, it cannot play sound.

    modedit Splitted from Mac forum, this it is not a Mac issue and not with Private Mode; corrected title

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    Can not reproduce this with Vivaldi 2.2.1388.37 x64, checked with different video sources (YT, VImeo, HTML5 etc.).

    Try with a temporary profile (path can be found in internal page vivaldi://about), rename the profile subfolder Default to Default.bak.
    If that works, your .bak profile has

    • extensions causing no sound
      You can disable all extensions
      Re-enable step by step to catch the bad one
    • other settings which are broken
      Reset your browser profile

  • Thank you Gwen-Dragon, I had the same issue and disabled all extensions to make it work. Then I re-enabled all of them again, and now it works!


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