Feature improvement request: The ability to resize tiled tabs

  • Hi there! Long time old opera user. (was even featuring on the Opera Blog for my customization work back in the day, was one of the proudest accomplishments to be recognized for customizing something I loved by a browser I loved). Anyway, I stream on Twitch, and one of the wonderful things about Vivaldi is that it allows me to have all of assets in one handy space thanks to Tiled Tabs. Even though I have two monitors, I still love having my chat/follower alerts/viewerlist right next to my gameplay, so I can be very interactive with my chat. However my follower alerts panel doesn't need to be 1/3 of my of my vertical space. The ability to drag the boundaries between tile and resize them would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Moderator

    I suspect that this may come at some point, but it's not hard to get pretty much any layout that you want with a little imagination. For the screen shot below I tiled four tabs then closed one.


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