On opening all my tabs have disappeared as well as my history

  • When I opened Vivaldi this morning all my tabs were gone as well as all my history and saved sessions. This is not the first time. I like Vivaldi but I don't want to recreated 70 or 80 tabs on a regular basis. Any suggestions? Running Windows 10

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  • @reba I can only assume that it must be a sync issue, as I had a similar problem the other day with all of my Speed Dial thumbnails dissapearing, and which after 100 different futile tries/workarounds by my side was fixed by itself.

  • @reba I have seen a few reports, but it is not a common issue. Maybe after Vivaldi crashes.

    A simple work around is to bookmark all tabs from the tab context menu. This will create a bookmark folder with all of your tabs. Open them all by right-clicking on the folder (in the Bookmarks Panel), and selecting Open.

    0_1546720793042_Save Tabs.png

    Delete the folder and save all open tabs again from time to time.

    Save any regularly opened groups of tabs as Sessions

  • Pesala, thank you for your reply. I hate to admit ignorance and say this but I have no idea where to find the tab context menu. I've looked through the help screens and knowledge base but can find no reference for it. I may just be an incompetent searcher.

    That being said, I opened Vivaldi this morning and, again, all my tabs were gone, except for this page. I could restore them from the 'trash' icon, but in a new window. This is irritating to say the least. Is there some conflict with Win10 or some other program?

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    @reba It's probably a failure of Vivaldi to fully shut down when you close it. It can also be because you have multiple Vivaldi windows open and close the wrong one first. It is most frequently caused by an extension (or two) that keep a process running in the background when you close Vivaldi, but it can be a setting or system failure. All Vivaldi-related processes (except update notifications) are suppose to close when you shut down the browser. If they don't, your session will not be saved.

  • @reba The Tab context menu appears when you right-click on any tab. You get a different menu if you right-click on the empty part of the Tab Bar, or on the web page, or in the Panels, on the Panel icons, etc. The menu changes according to context, i.e. from where it was opened with right-click.

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    @reba In general, a "context menu" is the menu you get when you right-click on something. It is a menu that appears on right-click, that differs depending on "context." In other words, if you right-click on highlighted text, you will get one menu, that is appropriate to text selection; and if you right-click on a tab, you will get a different menu that is appropriate to tabs. If you right-click on the bookmarks bar, you get a menu that is appropriate to the context of bookmarks.

  • @Ayespy Thanks for your reply. Right now I have two Vivaldi windows open. How do I know which one I should close first? It's making me not want to have more than one window open.

  • @reba The one you close first is the one that won't save any open tabs - afaik only the tabs from the last window closed will be saved

    EDIT: If you want to keep all tabs and in different windows save it as a session (hit "F2" and type session)

  • @reba Try using File menu, Exit instead of the close button. Then both (all) windows will be restored on restarting (if you use Startup with Last Session.

  • Thanks to you all for being so helpful. I will try these tactics and see how they work.


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