Shrink the Searchfield by 85% when not needed

  • Some people say the omnibar (or similar feature) is the dead of the ancient searchfield, it's a waste of pixels inside the Address bar. But some of us still prefer the accessibility of searchbox over the feature bloated omnibar. This mod is a tiny improvement to make the searchfield 85% smaller when not in use.

    A. Always shrink it regardless of window size:

    .toolbar-addressbar .searchfield:not(:focus-within):not(:hover) {max-width: 26px; display:unset; overflow:hidden;}

    B. Only shrink it in normal window, cuz space is abundant when maximized:

    #browser:not(.maximized) .toolbar-addressbar .searchfield:not(:focus-within):not(:hover) {max-width: 26px; display:unset; overflow:hidden;}

    Just mouseover, or focus on searchfield (Ctrl E) & it will expand into normal size. Simple no?

    Have fun, enjoy! 😎

  • Updated code with .toolbar-addressbar to excluded speedial's searchbox from shrinking.

  • @dude99 Nice mod 🙂

    There are two down arrows when the search field is minimized.
    I use this line to hide the second one
    .toolbar-addressbar .searchfield:not(:focus-within):not(:hover) svg {display: none;}

  • @Hadden89 Oh, u can try width:0 for 2nd line to hide the big dropdown arrow too. I preferred the bigger one so i use width:1 to overly the big one over the smaller one. 😁

  • OP codes updated for v2.4!

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