New Speed dial..?

  • Ok, so I found a new Speeddial/new tab page I want to use but idk how to set or even view it... Can anyone help? Its called Momentum & here is the URL:

  • Jenijames, did you log on to the web store?

    The page would only show information about the Momentum App until I logged on, then it offered to install it.

    It looks pretty good! Here is a link to a screencap on Dropbox, App_Mom.png, showing the New Tab page after installing the Momentum App:-

    Now I just have to figure out how to get my SpeedDial list to show up but it looks good. Thank you for the link! 😃

  • jenijames1987 wrote:

    Ok, so I found a new Speeddial/new tab page I want to use but idk how to set or even view it… Can anyone help?

    Go to vivaldi://apps and click V Web Store and search for Momentum, Add to Chrome should now be there.

  • I have it installed but I cant access it, What I'm asking is what is the url to use it like mentioned here:

    Thats the url for "Speed Dial 3"


    So, my question is: whats the url to access Momentum?

  • You can use:-
    then click on the Momentum App

    The address I see in the address bar after clicking the Momentum App is:-

  • Sorry 3Phase… Not the Momentum App, the Momentum Extension

    App is made by SD.DEV while the extension is made by

  • Ah! Wrong Momentum, sorry! :silly:

    I think Vivaldi is not ready for this extension. I went back to the web store, installed the Momentum Extension this time and it doesn't work. It's there, installed and enabled but doesn't do anything.

    I closed and restarted Vivaldi, then went to the Momentum website that's supposed to be able to use their new Extension but it says there was a problem installing the extension and it prompts to Try Again, then sends me back to the web store. The web store says Momentum is installed, going back to the Momentum web site gives a link to download and install Chrome or check the Momentum Extension in the web store. Whee! 😃

    The Momentum App works … mostly! :woohoo: But that's not what you were asking about. 😞


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