Add a Command for Override Scroll is Pan

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    Those who have used Opera Presto before may be familiar with this command. One can assign it to a mouse gesture or keyboard shortcut.

    alt text

    Once enabled, it allows one to drag the page up or down simply by dragging it with the left mouse button cursor. To exit this mode, which still allows regular Home/End or wheel scrolling, execute the gesture again. It applies only to the current tab.

    If the page is grabbed over text, the four-way arrow cursor is shown instead of the regular pointer to indicate that the text cannot be selected as it can when the Override Scroll is Pan mode is not enabled.

    0_1546459940380_Grab Page.png

  • Wow! Another hidden gem that left forgotten, it's really scary how we forgot about older features from good old Opera after switching to Vivaldi. Or am i getting older... 🙀

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    @dude99 Don't worry. Old people find it hard to adjust to change. The fact that you adjusted to using Vivaldi without this feature means that you're not too old to adapt to change.

    Or perhaps you never used it very much in Opera. I used it only occasionally, so for me it's not an important feature, just nice to have for some users if it's not too hard to implement.

  • Well this has at least confirmed I am not going mad.

    I use a wacom tablet a lot on my machine, and occasionally its in front of me when browsing, but i cannot easily scroll up and down pages using it

    I was convinced there used to be a way in vivaldi of being able to scroll and pan with the mouse button alone (so an action i could assign to a vivaldi/wacom script so my pen could be used to pan and scroll)

    appears while i remember the action, it was way further back in time than vivaldi and was an opera thing 🙂

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