Append Option in "Save as PDF"

    • I frequently save webpages as PDF docs. Often this involves appending the newly saved page to an existing PDF which already contains previous pages on the same topic. Since this option is absent from the native "File->Print->Save as PDF" menu I find myself using 3rd party plugins such as Primo PDF.

    I suggest adding an append option when the Save As PDF filename is found to point to an existing PDF. Currently the user is asked whether or not to replace the file (Yes/No). After the change the user would be presented with a third option - Replace/Append/Cancel.

    Here's how it's done in Primo PDF (which I'm not endorsing, not very nice - only using it as a stopgap)


    There's another thread requesting to add a "Save as PDF" option to the "Capture Page" menu (this should save the page in its viewing layout, not the print layout which File->Print uses).

    Hoping that request is accepted, and if so please add an Append option to it too.


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