Add a Command to Scroll by a User-defined Number of Lines

  • Hey 🙂

    I really miss one function to configure mouse shortcuts. It's about smoothing the page down and up.

    So far (on Firefox + Gesturefy addon) I used the shortcuts:

    • RMB + Mouse up
    • RMB + Mouse down

    To scroll pages just like when scrolling with the mouse wheel. In Vivaldi this function is missing and only rapid scrolling is available (page up / page down).

    Can you please add this functionality? 🙂

    You are doing a great job!

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    • Press the Middle mouse button to enable smooth scrolling
    • Move the mouse down further from the initial point of clicking to scroll faster; up again to scroll slower, or to scroll up
    • Move the mouse left or right to scroll sideways on horizontal web pages or large images.
    • Click with any button or escape to stop smooth scrolling.
    • Up/Down cursor keys scroll by line without the MMB

    Video of smooth scrolling with MMB

  • I think this to precise scrolling for me :

    • Mousewheel for light scroll (keyboard equivalent : arrows)
    • Mouse gesture for medium scroll (page down, page up)
    • Mouse middle Button for heavy scroll (scroll bars...)

    If the page up/down with key if a smooth scrolling, the mouse gesture equivalent is not, and that is sometimes disorienting.

  • @Pesala @Seasonly Ok, thank you for the advice - I know these scrolling methods.

    I do not know do you understood me well, that's why I recorded a movie comparing how it works on both browsers. I use only:
    RMB + Mouse down
    RMB + Mouse up
    Please, look
    (Must click: "Pobierz plik")
    I mean exactly this effect: Light scroll (like mousewheel / keyboard arrows) to be assigned in Mouse gestures. Unfortunately, there is no such option in the function list (there is only Page up / Page down).

  • @Nova1112
    This is really what I've understood. Why do you want a heavy mouse gesture for so light scroll ? the mousewheel is really a better mouse solution for this very often feature. The current page down and up mouse gesture is quite good, only animation lacks and this is important because you feel that you have moved more than you have.

    I use foxy gestures in firefox where it seems you can parameter the scroll step which you can't into vivaldi case.

  • @Seasonly said in Mouse Gestures for Gentle Page Scrolling:

    Why do you want a heavy mouse gesture for so light scroll ? the mousewheel is really a better mouse solution for this very often feature. The current page down and up mouse gesture is quite good, only animation lacks and this is important because you feel that you have moved more than you have.

    Over the years I used this gesture on Firefox this way, so probably my habit 🙂

    The mouse wheel is only seemingly better - it's really faster to browse pages in my way, because you do not have to take your finger off the mouse buttons. So it makes sense 🙂

    The video which I have published does not give a full difference due to the low FPS recording, but with a gentle reversing of the page (left side of the recording) it is easier to stay in the intended place than in the jumps on the right half of the recording.

    I asked about this function because when I saw how many options Vivaldi has, I was so stunned, so I am surprised that it is not possible to add a Gentle Scroll to the Mouse Gestures 😞

    So, can I hope to introduce such a feature, or is it rather impossible?

  • @Nova1112
    Each time you want to get down you have to get back you finger from the button, move mouse, and click again, haven't you ? If this is that, that means you and me, with mouse gesture, copy touchscreen scroll, I think this is more equivalent to the keyboard page down rather than the arrow scroll. Your video doesn't compare the same webpage : please try with the same page into firefox and vivaldi, the result is the same for both with the page down key (I did it), and their own mouse gesture system ; but for the vivaldi the scroll with key page down and its mouse gesture is not animated same way, poorly.

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    @Nova1112 I hate sites full of ads, and the site does not allow Vivaldi to download the file. Vivaldi already has a setting for Smooth scrolling in Settings, Webpages, if that is what you mean.

    If not, try editing your first post to describe the issue more clearly.

  • @Seasonly @Pesala Ok 🙂 This time I will show it the best I can (Google Drive and a better movie) 🙂

    Please watch in high definition.

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    @Nova1112 Thanks, but it looks like a clumsy way of scrolling with the mouse that is much easier by pressing and/or holding the up/down cursor keys.

  • @Pesala I understand, however, I will defend the suitability of my solutions 😉 Please note that I scroll the pages so slowly only for this recording (so that you can notice the difference), I use this gesture every day much more quickly!

    So, is it possible to add such functionality to mouse gestures, or is it not possible, and should I look for some add-on that supports such scrolling? 🙂

    I would be very happy if Vivaldi got this function 🙂

  • @Nova1112
    This time, me, I can't open this video but anyway something is not very clear for me : what kind of scrolling you really want ? I hesitate between two cases :

    1. you want a mouse gesture to scroll like mousewheel does that means only line after line (in this case I don't understand the motivation)
    2. you want something quicker than line to line scroll, but still controllable and that you can still read without pain quickly the text ( which is not the case with the heavy scroll per middle mouse button scrolling for which the reading is very boring ; this last scroll solution is interesting for knowing tendency content of the webpage), this is page down/up keyboard equivalent then, isn't it ?

  • @Seasonly I have prepared one more hosting specifically for you 😉 I understand your doubts - you're right.

    I see two solutions:

    The first option (for me more desirable) one Mouse Gesture would be a substitute for the Mouse Wheel action - I know it is inefficient with the standard scrolling by 3 lines, but if such a gesture would be possible then I could change in Windows scrolling on eg. 9 lines and then it would be ok (On Firefox before the Quantum version, that's how I used this shortcut).

    The second option (shown on the my recording) adds a smooth animation for the current "Page Up / Page Down" command in Vivaldi. When we have an animation (as in Firedox on the recording) you see what you are scrolling. Without animations (Vivaldi), whole screens just change and the page is overwritten. After scrolling the page "Page up / Page down" in Vivaldi, it takes more time for me to get a sense of the page.

    So in fact the case is more complicated 🙂 It would be best if both options were introduced to Vivaldi. So to sum up:

    1. Please add the Mouse Wheel effect to the Mouse Gestures
    2. Please add the effect of Smooth Animations to "Page up / Page down"

    That's how it looks 🙂

  • @Nova1112
    Thanks a lot for the video, it runs here, but it didn't from google +... I've tried to scroll the same page as yours into my current firefox and vivaldi. Well, according to every potential different parameters (like zoom, screen resolution...) it seems that I've had a bit longer scroll with mouse gesture.

    The main problem for you is the mousewheel scroll is so much short, and the page down version so much long ?
    Finally the thread is dealing with scroll length, either allowing changing scroll parameters by users (which it is into mouse gesture common extension), or getting a finer page down animation which could be then a compromise. A third solution would be a no parameterable new mouse gesture which could be set with a shorter scroll value than the current equivalent page down gesture.

    I understand the improvment for page down mouse gesture that's the clearer meaning of your first message that's why I vote it ; why not making parametable some mouse gesture, but this could concern more than scrolling gesture (also zooming, manipulating path...), and should open a new special thread according to me, if it doesn't already exist. It would be a large projet. A quicker solution would be then to make a new intermediate scrolling mouse gesture but I don't know if I would prefer this solution to the mousewheel even if this last one has not a large scroll : for me i need to test this solution.
    But currently I am satisfied with mousewheel + mouse page down gesture with animation (not this from the current vivaldi) + middle mouse click heavy solution.

  • @Pesala
    I've tested myself about this checkbox into settings. I think there is a bug because the effect is clearly visible with keyboard page down/up, but it doesn't with the equivalent mouse gesture which seems indeed to be not concerned

  • @Seasonly The main problem in my opinion is the fact that in the "Pick a Command" (Tools > Settings > Mouse > + (New gesture) > Pick a Command) only four commands are available for page scrolling (Scroll Page to Top/Bottom and Page Up/Down).

    There is definitely no command to conveniently page scrolling by the Mouse Gesture which replacing using the Mouse Wheel. Certainly not only I scroll the pages using the mouse gestures 🙂

    How to do it? I do not know. I proposed two solutions (add the Mouse Wheel effect to the Mouse Gestures or add the effect of Smooth Animations to "Page up / Page down")...

    You know what, maybe just add to "Pick a Command" Page Scrolling option for any number of lines (that the user can define). It would probably be the best of all solutions 🙂

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    @Nova1112 Opera 12.18, one can already assign mouse gestures or keyboard shortcuts to Scroll Up/Down.

    0_1546458850245_Scroll Gestures.png

    However, I prefer to use these two precious gestures for Home/End or in Vivaldi to Scroll Page to Top/Bottom.

    Opera 12.18 also has a command call "Override Scroll is Pan."

    0_1546459209685_Override Scroll is Pan.png

    I already assigned GestureDown, GestureUp, GestureDown to this. After executing this gesture, one can simply grab the page with the left mouse button and drag it up or down. It is easier than using the thumb on the scrollbar, and works in the opposite direction, i.e. drag down is scroll down, and drag up is scroll up.

    See Add Command for Override Scroll is Pan

  • @Pesala The function proposed by you would also be very comfortable and I think that I would use it myself.

    However, I do not change my mind 🙂 and remains at the request to realize this:

    Add to "Pick a Command" Page Scrolling option for any number of lines (that the user can define). 🙂

  • @Pesala Why did you change the title of this topic? 😞 I think that:

    Add to "Pick a Command" Page Scrolling option for any number of lines (that the user can define).

    Better reflected my idea ...

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    @Nova1112 The rule for this forum is:

    • Choose a clear and concise title for the topic and describe the feature in more detail in the body of the post.

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