"Flashing" browser window using Ver 2.2.1388.37

  • Since the last update the browser window flashes or blinks as you prefer meaning once the page is rendered when the browser is initially opened, after a minute or two, the page goes black ( within the browser box ) for a second then re-renders. The page will do this intermittently , several times during a session. It doesn't matter where or what the page is, the behavior is the same. I am unable to recreate the behavior in other browsers ,current versions of Edge, FireFox, Chrome and Opera. I have verified and re installed the latest video drivers and even used a different display, no change. It is reminiscent of video buffering when you're streaming except there is no progress counter. A real head scratcher....

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    Looks like some hardware accelereation and/or GPU VSync setting.

    I am not able to guess which

    • Windows version/build
    • graphics hardware an drivers
    • chipset drivers and BIOS is latest

  • @Gwen-Dragon That was what I was thinking. I updated the NVIDA graphics engine drivers. The Windows is 10 Pro 1803 Build 17134.472. I looking in all the places you can set hardware acceleration, no luck so far.

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    @markrfrederick Check this - vivaldi://settings/webpages/ for Hardware Acceleration
    Open vivaldi://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist , set Enable and Restart.

  • I have the same flashing.

    Vivaldi 2.2.1388.37 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    Win 10 OS Version: 10.0.17763
    NVIDIA driver: 417.35

  • I ran nvidia 417.01 for some days, problem gone... upgraded back to 417.35 and its back.


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