Each Vivaldi update loses extensions and numerous other things

  • If this has already been posted, my apologies. I searched for a while but didn't find another related post.

    Since the version of Vivaldi with the released version of Sync was released, every update I install will open a new "Welcome" window in the browser so I can migrate settings from another browser as if it is a new installation. It also loses all of the extensions I had installed as well as numerous other settings it appears. I generally get it working again by manually going into the Sync settings in Vivaldi, re-logging in and forcing it to sync. This is a frustrating experience, making me not want to install the upgrades each time I am told they exist. My upgrade approach is - once the taskbar Vivaldi updater indicates there is a new version, I will select it and tell it to upgrade (while the browser is closed, although it still prompts in the install it will close the browser and update).

    I am running on a Windows 10 machine with latest patches.

    Anyone have any idea how to prevent this pain for each update?

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    Another user had a similar problem. They solved it by making a backup of their profile (go to Vivaldi://about for a link to the profile directory) and then making a clean install of Vivaldi (i.e. uninstall, re-install, copy your profile into the new installation).

  • @Komposten thanks for your response, and sorry for delay responding to you. I have done as you suggest and will see how well it works with the next Vivaldi update. I will post my findings then.

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    @toddgreve After updates extensions are lost if you had added them locally and/or they were not installed from Chrome Web Store.

    Settings are lost if you use Clear Browser Data and had selected Storage.

    Some settings of extensions can not be synced yet, work on Sync is in progress.

  • Thanks, all of my extensions were added from the Chrome Web Store and had tended to disappear after the update and only come back after re-configuring and forcing the sync. And in none of the cases had I cleared browser data. I just closed Vivaldi, triggered the update from the tray task telling me there was an update and followed what it wanted me to do. I know what I am doing with computers and technology and am very careful.

    Considering Sync was released in 2.0 and no longer beta, what/how much is still outstanding?



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