Dupe-suppression for "Last Session" startup tabs

  • When I boot up, several programs open web pages on startup if they have news or updates or need licensing, etc. When I have a short Windows session, or if one of those pages have info I want to deal with later, I'll quit Vivaldi with those tabs in my session.

    Then, when startup next happens, one of those programs start Vivaldi again, and I have two tabs open to the same news/update/licensing page.

    My feature request: if a program asks Vivaldi to open a particular URL, and the session already contains that URL, it should only be opened once.¹ Or, alternatively, a way to set certain tabs' URLs to never be saved to the session?

    ¹ At startup, I mean; it may be legitimate for another program to ask the browser to open the same URL twice in separate tabs.

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