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  • Hello everyone, is there a way to hide all blog posts at once or set privacy "only me" option for them? I have imported all of My Opera blog entries and I need some time to clean them up a bit (some were ported to a different blog and I don;t want duplicates). I don;t have time right now to do that so I'd like to restrict blog visibility only to me.

  • Go to your Sidebar on the right side of your page.
    In the Preferences category, click on Privacy Settings.

    NOTE: If you cannot see the link selections in the Preferences category, click on the Down Arrow to the right to bring them up.

    Now in the Privacy Window:
    In the Privacy Sidebar on the left side of the page you'll see various subcategories, which you can select.

    For Posts, I'm guessing select "Story."

    Then there in the middle of the page in the Story category, click on the Down Arrow.
    Select "Only Me."
    Click on the Save Button.

    That should hook you up as far as I can tell.

  • It worked! Thanks! :)

  • You are welcome.

    I'm thinking maybe that "Story" subcategory in the Sidebar on the left should possibly be changed to "Posts" since not everyone's posts are stories. Some people's posts involve only pictures or only YouTubes. Well, we'll see what other people think.

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