Snapshot Spatial navigation improvement, Mac build fixes, Windows 64bits get auto-update

  • [b][size=4]Download ([/size][/b] 32 e 64 bit Changelog VB-5932 - SpatNav avoid page scrolling VB-5313 - Globally register Ctrl+Shift+V VB-6003 - Keyboard settings titles splitted VB-5296 - Spatial navigation selection of element improvements VB-4048 - Spatnav skips element VB-3940 - Spatial navigation doesn't follow horizontal links VB-6005 - Change interval of UI Zoom slider to 5% instead of 10% VB-5989 - Spatnav need to use the regular keyboard shortcut system VB-5809 - Spatnav doesn't fire mouseout/mouseleave events VB-5783 - Bookmark description is not used when searching for bookmarks VB-5133 - Double new tab when CMD + T on Mac VB-4602 - Need a way to turn off spatnav VB-3849 - Keyboard shortcuts doesn't work on VB-3396 - Go to URL should be easier with quick command than it is now. VB-6052 - Installer opening a second installer window VB-6015 - “Page actions” translation is missing VB-2055 - Paste and go context menu on adress bar VB-6065 - Add new folder button becomes invisible after a few clicks


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