freezing on many websites

  • I think this problem arose after updating to version 2.2.1388.37 (Stable channel) (64-bit) Win 10.
    many, if not most, sites are freezing randomly for a few seconds, like I could be scrolling down on a site, and it will get stuck scrolling for 1-2 seconds on its own, or the site becomes non-functional for a few seconds.

  • Could please list some of them for our confirmation? Any extension?

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    Sometimes the smooth scrolling is broken with some graphics hardware.
    Try to disable Hardware Acceleration in Vivaldi Settings → Webpages

    if that does not solve your issue, try to disable smooth scrolling in Vivaldi Settings → Webpages.

    If you use extensions, try to open i a Private Window. If that helps one of your extension causes the lag. You may disable all extension, enable step by step until you find the bad one causing the issue.

  • @Gwen-Dragon You see? An incomplete thread, one waits for examples, the other fellow try to guess the possible causes. Any ideas?

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    @lamarca Yes, i am unhappy about user not giving us enough information. 😞

  • @Gwen-Dragon That makes two of us. I bet " freezing randomly" in is Network Issue, page is not fully loaded.

  • Hi, I did not respond in time because of a bug in this forum, it does not send me email notifications when there is a reply.
    I do have extensions, but nothing new, the same extensions that I had when vivaldi was not freezing on sites in previous versions, here's an example site that froze while I while trying to move down and read:

  • Hi,
    In Tech, never guess, check first. See my comment above your reply. That's exactly what I said to Gwen. The website was not totally loaded, the progress bar shows it - the pink space.


    You have the progress bar inside the Address Bar, don't you?

  • I'm having the same issue. I haven't installed any new extensions, but I have these 1-3 second freezes that I never had before. Vivaldi as a whole freezes, not just the website (i.e. if I click the middle mouse button to close the tab, it takes 1-3 seconds for it to work).

    I don't think it's an issue a page not being fully loaded, because I never had that problem before.

  • @sahands said in freezing on many websites:

    I do have extensions, but nothing new, the same extensions that I had when vivaldi was not freezing on sites in previous versions,


    I haven't installed any new extensions, but I have these 1-3 second freezes that I never had before.

    Working previously is no guarantee that the extensions will work (correctly) in the latest Vivaldi. Amongst other changes, the chromium engine was updated. Therefore it is always worth checking them (depending on the extension's "Allow in incognito" settings it may be enough to test in a private window).

  • @TbGbe

    Tested it out and I'm still getting the freeze with all my extensions disabled.

  • @sahands

    I do have extensions, but nothing new, the same extensions that I had when vivaldi was not freezing

    Yes but that info alone is diagnostically insufficient. You might not have changed the number or name of your extensions, but they might have changed, ie, with version auto-updates in V. Thus, a thorough analytical troubleshooting should not overlook basic info like this nor merely assume no change here. It can & does definitely occur that sometimes a "good" extension can become a "bad" extension after its Dev does a version update.

  • @oldchili And you have positively eliminated any Network issue? Then it's time for you to test a clean/virgin profile.

  • @oldchili As @Steffie suggested try with a fresh profile See For a good (non-destructive) guide (written by @Ayespy )

  • Even with a good ad blocker like uBlock Origin (default set of filters)? That saves a significant amount of time and effort loading many sites.

  • I do think that it has to do with the site not fully loading, but this was not an issue in previous versions; even though the site was not yet fully loaded, you could still move around the web page, this no longer seems to be the case in the latest version, which is why I noticed it.

  • I have updated browser to the latest.
    I expensive freeze in some websites in my desktop running windows 10 (x64 build 1803). I think this is happening only after the latest update. The freeze would last for few seconds.
    Example site >>

    But I do not see this issue in my laptop. The laptop is recent purchase.

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    @Rafale May be cause by:

    • extension consuming much CPU on that site. Open Vivaldi teskmanager with Shift+Esc and have a look.
    • bad GPU driver
      Perhaps Enable the override of blacklist at vivaldi://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist
    • check Activated Hardware Acceleration on Settings -> Webpages
    • Smooth Scrolling slows down
      Disable it in Vivaldi Settings -> Webpages

  • Thanks for the help and tips

    1. Checked. All extension CPU seems 0.0
    2. Will try to check and update GPU divers using some third party driver update software (if outdated)
    3. already enabled
    4. done
      Re-launched browser and cleared all browsing data.
      Checked again and I see very short freeze while scrolling the website. This happens for first couple of minutes and then the scrolling is smooth and no freeze
      Will check again for couple for days and will report back for any issues.

    1.0 was better than 2.0. I hope future updates improves the overall browsing experience. Mainly the speed and stability.

    Also tried Avast Secure Browser (has similar set of extensions installed). The same site opens fast and browsing is smooth. Much better than Vivaldi 2.2

  • I've got the same issue since the update to version 2.2.1388.37 (64-Bit) and already filed a bug report (VB-47752).
    Glad to see it's not just me. Hopefully the devs will be able to reproduce and fix this issue.

    I already did the usual troubleshooting like disabling all extensions, disabling Hardware Acceleration and so on. So I'm pretty sure the problem lies somewhere within Vivaldi.

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