Option to allow closing pinned tabs with confirmation

  • Sometimes you want to close some pinned tab and you know that you no longer need it. But you might not notice that it's pinned for different reasons.

    You might not realize that the tab is not pinned when close buttons are not visible. Either because you turned off close buttons or because there are too many tabs and tabs are too narrow to fit close buttons.
    Then you click the tab with the middle button or press Ctrl+W and nothing happens. It may take several seconds to realize that the tab is pinned. And then you should unpin the tab and try to close it again. It's frustrating. It wastes several seconds.

    So instead of ignoring Ctrl+W or middle button click on a tab, Vivaldi could ask user's confirmation for closing that pinned tab. Something like: "Are you sure that you want to close this pinned tab?".

    This behavior could be optional and by default it could work like it is now.

  • Pinned tabs are meant normally not to be closed by accident or voluntarily. But if you prefer, there is an option to let pinned tabs close as the other tabs, Settings/Tabs/Tabs features/Pinned tabs/Close as other Tabs.

  • Pinned tabs are meant normally not to be closed by accident. But sometimes you no longer need some pinned tab. In this case instead of unpinning and closing it might be more convenient to close the tab in the usual way, but answer yes to the confirmation which appears when closing the pinned tab.
    Total commander works this way, but it calls such tabs locked, not pinned:


    So I propose to add an option to behave this way:


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