How to change find in page _result_ highlight color?

  • I'd like to change my find in page result highlight color. I'm using 64-bit 2.1.1337.47, and have modded the find in page controls box already, but I can't find the settings for the highlight of the results it marks in the web page. I'm using the built-in Dark theme, and its text highlight is a bright blue that works well for my lousy vision. But the things find in page highlights are a pale yellow I just don't notice. I read through the common.css and didn't recognize what to mod... Did I miss it, or is it somewhere else?

  • Reading through common.css is an impressive task. But the page highlights for finding text aren't in the UI but on the webpage, therefore it can't be in common.css as far as I know. The highlight is likely introduced by some javascript function, it's not that easy to change the color probably.

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    I think the find in page is actually part of the chrome <webview> itself which would make it very difficult to change using css alone. I would doubt it to be possible using javascript either.

    There's info on this here:

    And it may be possible that one of the webkit css extensions will help, but I had a look and none stand out to me:

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