Touch selection handles are not aligned

  • Touch selection handles are not aligned to the textbox. I use touch whenever I don't have a keyboard with me, so it's quite a bother if they're not aligned. Any current fix for this, or is it really a bug the developers haven't addressed yet?

    Just came back from Opera by the way after months of not using Vivaldi due to no touch support in the previous versions.

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    0_1545541976800_Touch Selection Handles.png

  • @yumpo That's the problem I came looking for! I use a Win 10 Surface Book, and when I try to make a text selection with touch, the handles are drawn in unscaled coordinates, in my case halfway between the word I long pressed and the top left corner. But it is not looking for the touch drag there, or under the word where they should be. Touching anywhere just makes the handles disappear.

    In any other app, I'd grab the Windows Pen and use it - Vivaldi draws the proper text selection cursor in the proper coordinates when it sees the pen, but completely ignores any touch or drag by the pen. So without a mouse, you can't select text at all, anywhere in Vivaldi.

    In the address bar, the problem is slightly different, the first touch tap selects the full address. But if you need to edit it, another tap draws a single handle in the proper coordinates under the address, that you can drag or arrow key side-to-side, but you can't select anything with it.

    Maybe I'm expecting too much to have touch work in Vivaldi, but in my experience it works in every other application! Vivaldi must do something odd that explicitly interferes with touch. Likewise, in every other application, the pen is exactly like a mouse (well, except that hovering without accidentally touching something you didn't intend is tricky). Vivaldi must do something unusual that breaks the normal pen behavior.

  • Adding a voice to this. Touch systems are increasingly important and Vivaldi is not handling them well at all. I'm increasingly forced to use Chrome on my Surface Pro 4 to do any document work because of this. Try any google docs or google sheets work on Vivaldi and you quickly find that it's not up to it - can't even scroll a spreadsheet with your finger. Chrome does all of this just fine.

    So: V has major shortcomings on (i) the most popular cloud document service and (ii) the increasingly prevalent touch/pen systems. Not a good combination.

    I'm still using 2.2.1350 because later versions broke completely (filed a bug of course). I'd love to find that this has all been fixed and I've just missed the relevant update...

  • Loren again... I now have 2.5.1525.40 (Stable channel) (64-bit) on Windows 10 OS Build 17134.706. Touch support has improved a lot here. Vivaldi no longer confuses unscaled and screen-scaled coordinates. The selection teardrops appear in the correct locations, and in the address bar I (usually) get a pair I can actually drag to select. And Copy even works in most cases.

    But if I paste to a new tab address bar, somehow it ignores <Enter> from my on-screen keyboard. There really needs to be a "Paste and go" option...

    If I long-press select a link in a web page, I get the right-click menu, but the lines are far too close together for touch use. Getting a new window instead of a new tab isn't so bad, but somehow I tend to get a new instance of "Welcome to Vivaldi", in a 1/4 of screen window half hidden off the right edge of my screen. With a confirm close dialog already over it, and another confirm close dialog over my original window! I can't imagine how "Open in new tab" turns into that... But to be fair, I've triggered that with my mouse as well... Somehow...

    Just tried a Google Sheet - I can scroll, select, even drag-select multiple cells with my finger. The pen seems to do what a mouse could. But I'm not a power user there...

  • Agree with Loren. I'm now on 2.7.1628.33 (after skipping a couple hundred releases as nothing was happening) and I see the select handles are now in the right place. plenty other things still not right on a Surface but this at least is fixed.

  • @aach1 Do you ever notice that the touch handles, once they appear where you intended, continue to appear in that position relative to your screen no matter what you do with that tab? I can perform the intended selection operation, click elsewhere and ignore it, swap tabs and back, scroll the tab content, try every hotkey or menu option I can imagine might get rid of them, and still at the end of every screen refresh they are redrawn in that same spot, even if it makes no sense for the current content under them.

    This happens about half the time for me. Thankfully closing the tab gets rid of them - until next time. But it seems rather bizarre...

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