Helskärm funkar inte

  • Helskärm funkar inte på tv sidornas play videos. Det blir svart när man klickar på helskärmsläge och det blir inte heller större bild. När man tryckar esc kan man åter se videon men bara i liten storlek. På youtube fungerar det dock bra, men inte annars.

  • This is an English forum …
    ...so I used Google translate:

    Full screen does not work on TV pages Play videos. The screen becomes black when you click on full screen and it will not enlarge . When I press Esc I can see the video again, but only in small size. However, Youtube works well, but others do not.

    Are you talking about the web site SVT Play?

    If so, fullscreen works fine here. I cannot test all videos or live feeds due to localisation checking (cannot be viewed outside Sweden).

    Win7x64 Vx32


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