• I'm at the WOW! phase right now... um??? Holy whole in a doughnut Vivaldi Team. I've not been this in love with a browser since the Netscape and Seamonkey days, so like 15 years ago.

    Sidebar tabs and tab stacking : Awesome idea! Love it. Integrated Email? Can't wait. That is something I mess greatly about Netscape.

    As a web developer I like to see the Vivaldi Team's creativity in the Developer Tools. A scratch pad I could view the results in a browser tab without having to create a file. Just a /tmp directory for tinkering to get something to work or see how it works. When I read through an article and want to play with the code a little I have to create a file in one of my vhosts and that host is bloated with junk. Then I have to remember what directory under this junk host I put the code in and remember the file then type the file name into the address bar and blah! Just to play with a little code. Am I making any sense?

    I'm hooked. Vivaldi is a work of art!


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    @lulzicon Welcome aboard!

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    @lulzicon You typed quite a lot for someone who is speechless πŸ˜‰

    • The Notes Panel might help you
    • After opening a local file, bookmark it

    Welcome to the Community. Here are a few links for your bookmarks that you may find useful:

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    Welcome to the community πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Welcome home πŸ˜‰ 🏠

  • Welcome…

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    Welcome here πŸ™‚

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    Welcome, John! I had the same reaction when I discovered this awesome browser. I was also a Web developer for many years ('99-'15), and also came from the Netscape/Seamonkey, etc. path; and totally appreciate what's under the hood of Vivaldi. It's good see a browser for the people once again!

    It's still a work in progress, with a small team and huge backlog of feature requests and of course the bugs that inevitably crawl in. But with every release it just gets so much better. I highly recommend using the Snapshots, which are released quite frequently. See @Pesala's post above for a link with info. Snapshots keep us excited with the latest features being worked on, and they're actually so stable that I haven't needed to use the official stable version for almost a year now.

    Good to have you on board, and you will love this community. Good people here!


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    Welcome to our neck of the woods. This might help when installing a standalone version.

    I found my way here from Chrome and Firefox but I like to hear how others found Vivaldi. And why they like V.

  • @JoelYoung : Yes I'll check out the snapshots. Right now I'm just using openSuSE 42.3 repo build Vivaldi 2.1.1337.51. No issues as of yet. I can't believe I'm just learning about your browser, just happen to stumble across a post on lifewire.com

    @Pesala :Yes. I'm a man of to many to few words πŸ˜‰ . Tiling has solved a lot my laziness. I just put the article in one tile and codepen in the other, but have made plenty use out of the Notes Panel.

    A question... no big deal, but is there a way to tile two windows that are in a different tab stacks?

    Keep up the awesomeness. Vivaldi is a wonderful work of art!


  • @lulzicon said in speechless!!:

    I can't believe I'm just learning about your browser

    As one of the users since Feb 2015 your OP amused me... but NOT in a mean-spirited or condescending way, i hasten to add. Simply it rather reminded me of my own stupified unbridled joy when i discovered V back then. Talk about a pot of gold at rainbow's end! Also similarly to you, my discovery of V arose from a linked reference to it from elsewhere [specifically the Opera forum]. Hope you keep enjoying it; i certainly still do.

  • @Steffie Don't worry about laughing at me, I do it all the time. lulz... Vivaldi has turned out to be the best Christmas present I got this year.

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    @lulzicon said in speechless!!:

    A question... no big deal, but is there a way to tile two windows that are in a different tab stacks?

    It can be done by selecting the two tabs in the Window Panel with Ctrl+Click.

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    @lulzicon welcome on board and thanks a mil for your kind words. Please help us spread the word so that more people can benefit from Vivaldi cool features. πŸ™‚

  • For comparison, I tried VIVALDI, COMODO ICEDRAGON, For non-Chrome-based browsers, I’ve used PALE MOON. OPERA, MAXTHON, FIREFOX, etc for many years. All these are still slower in performance, use up more memory, sluggish, etc than Vivaldi.... welcome ^^


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