Vivaldi's UI smoothness. Old machines.

  • I'm not sure what the cause of my issue, but here's the thing: new tab opens pretty slow. It's up to one second, I think. If I turn off speed dial, tabs are opened faster, but it's still noticeably slow. I have laptop with Core2Duo and integrated Intel GMA graphics, however I have no common problem with any of other browsers. I'd like to hope, developers are aware about it and are going to do something in future builds, and old machines' owners won't be forgotten. May be I should to turn some switches in settings?

  • Hi, do you use ?
    There was some speedup compare to the latest developer build.
    I have no problems with my old laptop.

    Opensuse 13.2/64
    CPU Intel T4200
    4 GB Ram
    GPU Intel GN 965

    Cheers, mib


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