Loving V UI flexibility.

  • Short sharp V UI ode.

    For "forever" my preferred UI layout was Panel on LHS, Tabs [thumbnails 0%] & Address & Bookmark bars up top, & Native Window on. This has been great for me; aesthetically pleasing & highly productive.

    Over recent weeks i began thinking about making a bit of a change [given the aphorism, of course, "variety is the spice of life"... & i really do like spices]. So now i'm running Native Window off, Bookmark bar at bottom, & Tabs column on RHS [with thumbnails ~75%]. Additionally i've extensively tweaked my custom-css in Stylus, + begun using Custom Theme in Vivaldi Forum mod [ta heaps @luetage]. Overall & in points of detail it's kinda like a new browser again now, & atm it's really working for me.

    How good is V? Questions don't come much more rhetorical than that. party

  • @Steffie

    How about you post a screenshot? An image is worth a thousand words (?). As I am a "non-native" (and hopeful you still keep your good will for us), if atm is an acronym, I went to check out and it may meaning more than "trocentas" things. If I was to "chutar", I would say, in this case: "at the moment", with little hope of success and without any shame to be wrong.

  • @Quinca71 said in Loving V UI flexibility.:

    if atm is an acronym

    Oh, i'm really sorry -- it remains a bad habit of mine; i use lots of TLA's 😜 [three letter acronyms] & keep forgetting that international readers might not know them. Here, atm = at the moment.



  • @Steffie Looking good!
    Great job! 😉

  • @Steffie IMHO* the forum really ought to add an MD† extension with <abbr> support. All these wonderful HTML‡ tags that rarely see the light of day...

    *in my honest opinion
    ‡hypertext markup language

  • Since my earlier post a further tweak i've done [which quite shocks me coz it's dead opposite to my longterm preference] is to change the Status Bar from On, to only showing the address popup [ie, basically Off, most of the time]. When "everything else" was up top, i found the SB presence aesthetically balancing, as well as highly useful. Unfortunately with the Bookmarks bar at the bottom, its close proximity juxtaposition with the SB looked plain ugly; quite aesthetically discordant.

    This ostensibly minor tweak surprised me with an unexpected psychological burden. Until it was no longer continuously visible to me i'd not hitherto quite realised the extent of the "comfort" i derived from seeing my V-version info,
    & my page zoom%. Haha, hence over the several days since i'm trying to actively reprogram myself psychologically to chill-out at their visual loss.

    However the one aspect of the Off SB i do actively miss is the direct access to [all] tab tiling options. It seems problematic to me that V seems not to have alternative direct-access means to the full TT options without the SB. For now i'm managing with a combo of added Mouse Gestures, + getting used to the F2 menu [which i've never used before coz i never wanted to use it, being primarily a mouse not keyboard user].

    EDIT: Gahhh, what a numpty, what a nincompoop, what a nitwit -- belatedly i've (re)discovered the long-inbuilt function in the context-menu when right-clicking on a tab-stack, to Tile Tab Stack. Doh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😊 eek

    Motto: V -- for a superior browsing experience together with a robust psychological workout. [ahem, yeah, i'll stick to my day job].

    PS: Oh, i'm really enjoying the latest version of @luetage's fab extension. Currently i'm running its "Dracula" theme, not only coz the colour palette is interesting, but also as my private little cultural homage to the wonderful Hammer Horror movies i loved when growing up; the epic Peter Cushing vs Christopher Lee contests. Hammy as hell but imaginatively wonderful... not to mention providing a decades-later inspiration for a song by the brilliant Kate Bush.


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