Better/Smaller UI tough

  • Hi, I'm still trying to stay with Vivaldi but the UI get me away for now.. I started the browser experience with Firefox before Chrome existed, when Chrome/Chromium get a new smaller UI, I go directly to it (the chromium one). Then one day, I see a new Yandex.browser alpha update with name of "Yandex.Browser Future", I directly check it and love the idea. Downloaded and tried it and loving much than the previous one.. I love the fact that everything is there but in a smaller UI with only two rows, one for the title, the security icon, parameters menu and classic button with a hidden but pretty good access on the "Panneau" which have everything we need in a drop-down menu; and one for the table at the bottom which the horizontal change in function of the number of tab, we could also group tab of same domain and when clicking on the "plus" button he didn't open a new tab at all unless you charge any websites. I also love the adaptive color windows and the permament color tab base onto website. And also being able to search via the website's own search bar even before actually charging it. (By exemple for Youtube, just taping yout, then click on tab, and typing the name of the video we want to search and VOILA :D) I know we already have some features in Vivaldi. And if you ask me why I don't stay with Yandex and get away from Vivaldi and would say because I don't really trust and I love the idea having all in one, like email, contacts, within one app 🙂 I will stay informed about Vivaldi for sure. I don't ask to copy Yandex.browser future just to eventually (at the given time) to rethink about a UI that could be better/smaller/more up to date than the good old one taking a lot of rows (not talking about pixels, just rows 4 default vs 2) Having a Vivaldi that I couldn't get of would be a dream come true 😃 Ho, and about Opera, I never get it don't know, I tempted a lot of time but don't last I don't know, even if I like the idea "all-in-one" browser. But with Vivaldi I get use to it, but not 100% dedicated to it for now unfornately for me 😕 Thanks for reading, sorry if my English isn't perfect and if you think I wasted your time, that was not my goal, my goal was to share my toughs with you 🙂 Have a good day(or night :P)

  • Thank you for your thoughts and welcome to Vivaldi. I do not know that the Vivaldi developers will ever be able to make all of its users 100% happy, but they are working to help as many of us as possible to have a great internet/browser experience.

    As time goes on we are continuing to see changes and improvements in the interface and the ability to customize that interface. I believe that these improvements will continue for the long term.

    Every new snapshot and release cleans up some of the bugs from previous downloads and allows us as the user to change more things to our own liking. Plus we have a great installed user base who have come up with some terrific workarounds and tips and tricks.

    So I would suggest that you stick around and follow the development and hopefully you will get the browser you are looking for.

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