Some missing or not found features

    1. Vivaldi opens with the tab last opened - I would like to open Vivaldi with my speed dial every time. 02) I miss an option to open a link in the background tab (as [b]context menu[/b] as already done in bookmark panel) 03) Is there a way to assign applications to specific protocols and file endings (for instance .dlc for JDownloader and magnet for mTorrent)? 04) If I use the back or forward button or mosue gestures the page is reloaded again. I wish the cached page is used - is it possible to change that? 05) Could not find a way to save the Tab currently opened by Drag and Drop into the bookmark panel or speed dial? I tried to drag the tab ontothese places but nothing happened 06) Open every page in new tab - using the search engine field or the personal bar or the favorite tree - is there an option? I could not find it. [b]Newly added:[/b] 07) A trash for bookmark links and folders 08) Double click anywhere on tab bar to open a new speed dial tab, not only by clicking the cross. 09) No icons for personal bar entries in personal bar panel 10) Open new tab after current tab and not at the end. 11) Fast forward/fast backward

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    1. Settings -> Startup with
    2. Ctrl+click or middle-click the link
    3. No. Not yet.
    4. No. Not yet.
    5. You need to use the bookmark popup at the end of address bar right now. Dragging to bookmark bar is planned though.
    6. No. Not yet.

    1. Installed snapshot 32 for Windows (Vivaldi. and could set the speed dial as start page. However, in that case the window position is not restored correctly and the panel bar is either closed or not restored from last state.
    2. I mean in the context menu - I do not like middle click and can never remember keyboard keys :-(
    3. Thanks - I detected it :-)

  • Middle Click in Vivaldi does not open in background, it opens in new tab in foreground. Unless that changed in the last few builds, I haven't had a chance to check them out yet.

  • No, middle click has always opened in background… since the very first public release of TP1

  • "Paste and go" in address bar?

  • It opens in foreground for me. Always has. And does in the most recent build, also. Weird.

  • Middleclick opens in background (on my system) - however doing middle click with a wheel is not easy. :dry:

    I wish to have the "Open in background" in a context menu as already done one bookmark links.

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