Open related tabs in a tab stack – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1400.4

  • Please could someone "in the know" clarify this for me?

    Known issues
    [Regression] Address field is empty in note and bookmark editors (VB-47197)

    Is it trivially just that the underlying data remains intact but is being prevented from displaying in these fields this Snapshot, OR, is it a gravely serious bug that is actually deleting that data from the user's Default Bookmark & Notes files?

    If the former i'd be happy to update, but if the latter then i'll need to sit this one out.

  • @Steffie Double-click still works to open the webpage from which a note was copied. Bookmarks still work, of course.

  • @Pesala Thank you, but not really what i asked about. It remains unclear to me if the Notes file, & the Bookmarks file, are explicitly being corrupted by this Snapshot in a very specific way that deletes/corrupts only the part of their internal data that should appear in those editor address fields, OR conversely if that part of the data remains safe [such that a future Snapshot will be able to display them fully again ... obviously that would be impossible if this Snapshot had actually damaged the files in the manner i mentioned].

    I doubt that Users can credibly answer this enquiry; surely it needs a Dev familiar with this Snapshot bug to comment?

  • @Steffie For me (using a note for Vivaldi forum sig) the address field in a note is displayed as "empty" in the note , however clicking the "link icon" still opens the correct page. Does that help?

  • @TbGbe Thanks. It seems i'm still doing a lousy job of explaining my apprehension source. It's excellent that you & P both seem to have ongoing functionality, despite the field appearing to be empty in this new [still not applied yet by me] Snapshot. Eventually though i / you presumably want not just the functionality, but also the visuals, ie, for that field not to appear to be empty. What are we going to do, when a future Snapshot arrives for which the Devs assert that this new current bug has been solved, if our respective Notes & Bookmarks Editors' address fields continue to be blank? At that point, it could not any longer be the bug causing that blank [if the bug is fixed], so the only other explanation for the future blank would be that THIS CURRENT Snapshot actually deleted/corrupted the part of the file that contains the data intended for that field. Ie, at that point, we're stuffed.

    Ostensibly, coz i always backup my Default directory prior to applying each new Snapshot, one might opine that all i'd need to do, if my "doomsday scenario" of above eventuated, would be to copy back today's backed-up Notes & Bookmarks files to that future Snapshot. It only takes a nanosecond of thought though to recognise the logical flaw in that idea... the future bug-fix might not arrive in the next Snapshot, it might take two, five, fifteen before it's solved. Meanwhile, in the daily process of ongoing browsing, i / you have been creating new notes & new bookmarks... ergo overwriting those future versions of the files with today's ones instantly loses all the interim new data.

    I still suspect that only a Dev likely can answer this... but i do thank you.

  • @Steffie but if Pesala is still able to open the link, then the link information is still in the note.

    I think that is implicitly what he was saying, rather than stating it specifically enough for you.

  • @mossman Thanks.

    I've done this test.

    1. Closed my real Manjaro's 2.2.1388.29
    2. Copied its Bookmarks & Notes files to a holding folder
    3. Launched one of my Manjaro VMs, in which several hours ago i did update V-SS to 2.3.1400.4
    4. Copied those 2 files from holding into VM's V-SS Default.
    5. Launched the VM's 2.3.1400.4, thus "activating / processing" the 2 new files.
    6. Inspected a note & a bookmark that i'd already eyeballed back in my real V, & confirmed that as expected, the 2.3.1400.4 version of those data do not show any content in the editor's address field.
    7. Closed the VM's 2.3.1400.4
    8. Derived the sha256 checksums of the two versions of these two files... found that they are now different, they do not match
    9. Used KDE Kompare to, heehee, compare the two versions of these two files... found ten [10] differences in Bookmarks, & twenty-three [23] differences in Notes.

    I shall definitely skip this new Snapshot.

  • @wojcieche: What is needed is an ability to customize both menus and toolbars with any command or switch available to browser. I know this is complicated to implement if it not designed to work in this way, but i hope that it is.

  • Am I being daft? In Manage Bookmarks, I can't see a way to save a bookmark after trying to update, e.g. the Nickname. Pressing Enter or tabbing away doesn't seem to save it. There's no obvious button to press.

  • @Steffie Further test.
    Created a new note. Address field shows as empty.
    However, clicking the link DID open the correct page (youtube video).

    So, the address shows empty but the field is present on both old (upgraded) and newly created notes.
    Hence, my first thought (hope?) is that it is ONLY the display that is incorrect.
    But, as you say, only the devs know for sure 🤓

  • @wardies The change is saved as soon as you type it.

  • Moderator





    Closed as 'Cannot Reproduce'


    Resolved as 'Invalid', Chromium 71 bug


    Confirmed, no progress

  • @pesala: Thank you. The reason it wasn't saving was that I had a couple of deleted bookmarks in the Trash folder with the same nickname I was trying to set.

    It seems that the address bar nickname lookup ignores the Trash folder items, but the Bookmark save logic does not. I guess it's a bug.

  • @wardies I don't think it's a bug. Nicknames have to be unique. Bookmarks in the trash could always be restored, and one would not necessarily want to lose the nickname because it was reused.

  • Interesting that preferences dialogue opens correctly on my secondary (1920x1080) monitor now:

    (VB-42175) Preferences Dialogue Opens in Wrong Position from Secondary Monitor

    I guess the off-centre positioning on my Primary Monitor (1200x1600) is the known issue.

  • Default webpage zoom is set to 120%

    However, the reset button resets to 100% zoom, not 120% as expected. 2.2 Stable is the same. Is this intended?

  • @Steffie said in Open related tabs in a tab stack – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1400.4:

    I shall definitely skip this new Snapshot.

    Fixed in Snapshot 2.3.1401.7 🤗

  • Hey I think I have a cool idea. Please hear me out.

    One issue found with tab stacks (and even tabs in general) is "stack cluttering", something that happens when too many tabs are opened at the same time. You know, tabs become hard to find when in stack because there is no space to display more information, if you have the preview on the screenshot and or tab title starts getting smaller till you can't see it anymore, overall hard to navigate, etc...

    What if we could have tabs located not only in one particular side of the windows, but also in multiple sides. e.g. top and right, or left and right etc... Then we establish priority on one side to open new tabs as normal, but tabs from the currently active stack would be shown in the other "tab stack" side of the windows.

    The interaction would be similar to this:

    1. User clicks a tab stack.
    2. Last active tab from stack is rendered.
    3. Tabs from stack are displayed in "secondary" tab side of windows.

    We could then play with it in many ways and implement other interesting stuff but it is a pretty good start IMO. We should limit ourselves to just one side when there is so much space available to manage tabs. Some people won't like the idea of having too many tabs in the browser, but I believe that with the expertise that the Vivaldi team has over UX we could make it obvious which tab is the primary vs secondary to avoid confusions for example, and have nice animations that make secondary tab side disappear when not in use etc...

    What do you guys think?

  • @TbGbe Oh how lovely. Ta for letting me know, shall do the update now. Ta Devs. Phew.

    And to think that as kids we were taught that holding your breath til you turn blue, to get your way, is not a viable life strategy! Pishtash.

  • @vorayer: I have reported two issues which would be needed to be implemented one after another:

    VB-47461 - Making option to open related tabs in a stack independent from New Tab Position setting
    VB-47463 - A QC/keyboard/gestures action to switch on/off option of stacking related tabs

    However regarding the modifier to invert this option - I do not think we have many free modifiers left (which is a limited resource) and it would be rather an overkill, because we would have to add two - to invert Ctrl as well as Shift - so it could be maybe Alt+Shift and Alt+Ctrl. Too much for such a small feature I would say... Too much to remember and too much to use up two modifiers for it...

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