List of suggestions, critiques and bug reports.

  • I am on build 10902. • When middle clicking the back button to reload my previous page it does not open a new tab. • When having about 12 or more tabs open in side tab mode the preview shown when hovering over a tab over laps the tab, coving the close tab button making it harder to close tabs. • It would be nice to be able to disable the persistent bar with the zoom and settings toggle at the bottom of the screen, I personally don't like it, It takes up unnecessary space IMO. Maybe the settings toggle could be in the top right corner where it is in chrome and firefox while that bar is disabled. • I think this has been mentioned before on this forum but id like to reiterate, there needs to be a "open tab in tab stack" when right clicking links, also a toggle to open all new tabs in their current tab stack in the settings is needed. These additions would make tab stacks so much more useful, tab stacks if the main reason I started using Vivaldi. • I can not right click Vivaldi in my taskbar in Windows to open a new window, the only way I have been able to open a new window so far is via keyboard shortcuts. • There should be an option to have any page load when opening a new tab, not just speed dial. • Cannot watch over 360p in HTML5 video. • When having a very large amount of tabs open the new tab and trash buttons disappear while in side tabs mode. • Would be nice to be able to drag a tab from one window to another, and drag a tab out of a window to create a new window. I think that's all I can think of, overall I really like Vivaldi and the direction its headed. Really like the overall UI. Really like the adaptive colour, its very pretty and the tab management system is a great as someone who uses a whole lot of tabs. Anyone please feel free to comment or ask me to expand on any of my points.


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