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  • Please advise me a good method to shrink my file so I can import my pre-existing wordpress, it is running around 5mb. I have been deleting posts and it is still not shrinking. TIA

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    There are many "data compression" available. Perhaps a search helps you.

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    I wouldn't have thought that was too big. Is there now a small limit here ?
    I am sure my old Opera blog was bigger than that when I imported it.

    Use a drive/folder space viewer such as WinDirStat to scan the folder you downloaded your exported blog.
    This will show you what is using the most space.

    It is likely to be your images, so try optimising them for the web with a tool like RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) and see how big the whole folder is after.
    You may be able to keep all your blogs.

    I tried to include links but the Akismet spam detection thinks I am a spammer.

  • @stellarjen504 Very likely this comes way too late for you, but hopefully someone else finds this useful. On Wordpress export there is an option export posts between certain time limits. I used that to export my Wordpress,com blog in two pieces.

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