How to move the window on Windows 10?

  • 0_1544917714748_Vivaldi - 2018-12-15_18-42-07.png

    When I have notifications filling the screen, as here, is there anywhere I can click to move the browser window to get the obscured text out from under the notifications?

    The reduced amount of window chrome on Windows 10 seems to give me nowhere except the box between the + tab button and the trash can icon, which is a very small click target, shown in yellow here:

    0_1544918124237_Vivaldi - 2018-12-15_18-51-39.png

    (In this case I could have resized the window narrower using the right edge; then I'd have access to the draggable box. Or I could dismiss all the notifications. But the issue is that I've sometimes needed to get at the info in the window now, but can't do so until I fiddle around like this.)

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