Shortcut to Boost Volume

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    A lot of videos on YouTube have rather low volume level. Since my built-in speakers are only 1 watt, they are sometimes difficult to hear even at full volume.

    I found that VLC Media Player is able to boost the volume by up to 200%.

    It would be good to have this built in to Vivaldi with a keyboard shortcut to raise or lower the volume of playback. This would affect all tabs, so is a different request to Volume Mixer on Tabs.

    I think it would also be much simpler to code as no interface is required.

  • @Pesala, please be advise that 200% is an arbitrary number and for extremely poor sound even 200% won't be enough.
    A normalizer might be a better solution (VLC has it as well), in short it equalizes the sound levels of all the tabs.
    It helps not just with the quiet sound levels, but with the loud as well.

    The main concept is to make the levels of the audio source adjust to you, instead of you manually adjusting the audio source levels.

  • Normalizing, or, to be more precise, a fast reacting automatic level control would be much better indeed. Helps protecting the ears too. There are already enough people who damaged their ears e.g. by use of earbuds and not noticing that they hear much too loud when the volume of the sound changed because the sound was compressed (look up "loudness war").


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