Mouse scroll in page randomly not working.

  • Funny thing is for me, since I made this post it has improved a lot.

    The original issue started months ago and I'd notice when reading a long page. I would use the "Click to scroll" of a logitech mouse and shuffle slowly. Suddenly it would jam and fly and full speed to the bottom of the page. I'd have to wave mouse off screen to reset.

    Since making this post I have realised that issue has clearly been fixed for me. I can't think when I last saw it.

    Oddly enough the one evening after making this post I was seeing a different mouse issue. It sounded like that Google bug report. A repeated stutter stutter stutter down the page. Headaching jarring. As I quit Vivaldi that night I then notice the CPU was going mental - jammed on some tab or other. HAMMERINg the resources... which would explain that stutter stutter.

    Since that night all has been well. I can't see the issue at all any more.

    Note: I did not change any Vivaldi settings or drivers. It implies to me that this was in the underlying Chromium code.

  • Bought new mouse (the same, Microsoft manufactured) and have no more scroll problems. On other laptop I have Logitech mouse and not once I experienced those problems. That makes me believe it is not Chrome bug, but something with specific mouse models and drivers.

    Will just wait to replace battery once in new mouse and report back here. Just to exclude that scroll button does not like when battery level goes below some value.

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    I had scroll issues with some Logitech mice when battery power wen low or the mouse's bluetooth was sometimes unstable. After replacing battery and changing Logitech receiver to front usb socket all went fine.

  • I'm getting this problem a lot now, middle click to start scrolling and it gets stuck scrolling down. Happens on most pages I visit (including this even one) but youtube and reddit are especially bad. This happens on at least two PCs with radically different hardware. It's not every time on a particular page, very hard to say if there's a specific cause but if I can provide more info let me know, thanks.

    Vivaldi 2.5.1525.30 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    Revision 00597fa62b2104050b5c2021113c30d3a894259a
    OS Windows 10 OS Build 17763.437
    JavaScript V8

  • I used to have this 2 or 3 times per day, randomly, but haven't seen it for a few weeks.

    Does the 'middle button fix' mentioned here work for you?

  • @Stagger_Lee
    This is interesting, because I have a Microsoft RF mouse and also have the random scrolling stuck bug.

  • I thought this was something on my end, I too am having the scroll wheel become unresponsive multiple times a day. I have to use the scroll thumb to move the page. Has been happening for quite some time on 3 different mice (2 MS 1 logi)

  • I have the same problem on Kubuntu with Vivaldi 2.5.1525.40
    It is a desktop, so no battery problems.
    This is my mouse:
    Mouse works with every other software. I use the same mouse model with Vivaldi on other computers as well and haven't noticed this bug there.

  • Would like just to report that problem is gone. So it was mouse or/and mouse drivers, something. New mouse makes no problem. Sometimes it freezes for a second, rarely, but I think it is just old battery that comes with product. It does so in Windows, has nothing to do with browser.

    I think those cheap plastic things suffer from abuse, months of using and scrolling. So it can be something mechanical too. And it is good idea to buy new even when you think it works OK.


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