Vivaldi 2.2: Focus on details

  • Good morning and congratulations on the new release. On my system, Netflix fails with 'Missing Component: We cannot find all the required components to play Netflix on this device. Please visit chrome://components, locate the WidevineCdm component, and click the "Check for update" button. Error Code: M7701-1003'
    This is just FYI since you're focusing on details 😉 MX-Linux 18.1, update through package manager

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  • Thanks, Gwen-Dragon. I have used that and your libffmpeg script for some time, so I could easily roll back to watch Netflix. I only report this because 2.2 is expected to play Netflix out of the box, and, at least on my system, it doesn't.
    EDIT: Sorry to say, I find that videos and youtube won't play 😞 I have rolled back to 2.1. I don't see anyone else reporting this, so it must be my system.

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    The last few updates the "notify about updates" does not keep the box ticked. Settings>Updates>Notify about updates
    I tick it every time but it does not stay ticked. Not that big of a deal since I check the forums and the blog daily if not more often. But it should stay ticked once it has been ticked.

  • @Pesala But when you try turn it on and off and then close the setting, Main Menu will not be displayed after pressing the Alt key. I thing it works well, but it's badly shown in settings.

    I must report a bug? 🙂

  • Fairly nice update!

    As a Christmas wish, please focus performance next! UI and/or in general.

  • @szczyputek I cannot get it to do anything. Alt always opens the menu, but the checkbox not remembering its status looks like a bug.

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  • @Pesala

    By the way, the download settings are senseless. After selecting the "Always Save Files to Default Download Location" option, when downloading a file there is always a system window in which we indicate where to save the file. But if you uncheck the "Always Save Files to Default Download Location" option, you will always see a window:


    However, "Save", "Save as..." and "Open" do the same: it opens a system window in which you indicate the place of saving. This option is doing nothing...

  • @szczyputek I agree with you, the saving in Vivaldi needs more love and care.

  • @szczyputek For me, it does what it says and does not show the dialogue again when I download other files.

    However, it does not enable the checkbox in Settings, Downloads, Always Save Files to Default Download Location, and the dialogue is again shown after restarting Vivaldi.

    This may be a bug or the intended behaviour.

    1. Save: will save a file to the default download location. If the file already exists there, it will be saved with a number suffix (1), (2), etc.
    2. Save As: will save the file to any other folder. My default for Save as came up as My Pictures, not Downloads. It remembers the last used folders.
    3. Open: downloads the file to the default location, then opens in the associated program, e.g. it opens archives in 7-Zip for me.
    4. Cancel: does what it says.

  • For what it's worth, I'd again want to ask for the "Click current tab to switch to last active tab" to work as it says, at least make an option for it to work like that.

    When I have like 20+ tabs open and each and every one of those tabs have their own "last tab" is not quite optimal.

    Gimme an option to actually go to the last active tab.

  • @Cail It's not worth anything here. Start a new thread in the Feature Requests forum, tabs category, where it might get noticed and voted for by other users.

  • @iAN-CooG Do you confirm situation from my post in your computer?

  • Go to and click on the comments button. The comments don't show up. You might get them for one or two articles, but after that, it stops working on the other articles. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the browser and nothing works. I have no trouble with this on other browsers, so it is not the site that is at fault.

  • @Pesala I know how it should work, but it works differently on my computer. 🙂

  • @szczyputek I repeated the test on 2.2 Stable and it works as expect here. Do you have a default download location set:

    0_1544946699837_Download Location.png

  • @Pesala I had a different location. I changed to the default location, but still the same. Maybe someone else will confirm the same problem? 🙂

    Later I will try to reinstall Vivaldi 🙂


    found a strange bug:

    • copy a bookmark folder with STRG+C and STRG+V
    • the new folder is made within the old folder (not at the same level as the original folder; here you can dispute what's right but)
    • the new folder has another new folder with the same name within, and this folder has another new folder with the same name within, and this folder....
    • probably because of this the bookmark file is growing with an astonishing speed
    • if you close vivaldi and open it again all bookmarks are vanished

    can anyone confirm? Win7x64 Vx64 new profile

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  • @derDay Wow! That's a serious bug. It just destroyed all of my bookmarks when I deleted the software folder.

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    @derDay My 2.2 crashed. And created a borken Bookmakrs file with ca. 200 MByte size.

    I will report this bug.


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