Vivaldi 2.2: Focus on details

  • "[Panels] Panels are hard to resize (VB-39870)" - for a moment I thought the panels individual ZOOM was adressed by this. But alas, it's just the resizing by vertical separator. Is all hope lost? 🙂

  • Saving selected tabs as a named session is incredibly useful. Thanks! But the instructions were a bit garbled. Here's an edit.

    1. Select the tabs you’d like to include using Ctrl/⌘/Shift Left-click
    2. Then Right-click on any of the highlighted tabs to open the context menu
    3. Select “Save Selected Tabs as Session” and enter your chosen name in the box
    4. Click Save

  • @gwen-dragon: You're reading this wrong. The PIP API provided via JavaScript allows you to have extra buttons to PIP a HTML5 video element. Standard HTML5 video elements -- and this is also true on Chrome/Chromium -- which have no modifications can be PIP'd from the right-click menu.

  • @jplissken: This works with any site using HTML5 videos, FYI -- and that's pretty much every site these days. Of course, there are various HTML5 players that have custom context menus, but I would imagine -- once PIP has been around for a while -- the option will eventually behind to appear for these.

  • @ayespy: Vivaldi's calls its new tabs bookmarks screen "Speed Dials". So yes, it very much is a thing.

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    @electricduck Vivaldi calls any bookmark folder that you designate as a speed dial, "Speed Dial." There can be several of them. They are just a folder of bookmarks that are displayed a certain way. Unlike in Opera, Chrome, Firefox and other browsers, "Speed Dial" is not a separate and different entity from bookmarks. That's what I mean by it's not a "thing."

    You can select what page or site you wish to use as your new tab page. It may be Speed Dial, or your home page, or a blank page, or a page that is created and displayed by an extension. What Vivaldi calls Speed Dial is any folder of bookmarks displayed as a page of thumbnails. You don't even have to have a folder named Speed Dial. Similarly, you don't have to have a folder named "Bookmark Bar." You can select any folder to be displayed on the bookmark bar.


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