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  • Hello all ^^ Would be nice to have a litle functionality in the vivaldi starts parameters. I want to open a new Instance of vivaldi (New Window) just clicking the vivaldi icon... something that i can do in the bash like "vivaldi -new" indicating new window..... Currently the only way to (New Window) is file->new window..... and with multiple desktops and monitors is a waste of time finding the vivaldi instance to do this and put it on the wanted desktop and monitor ^^ Thank you very much! ^^

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    Ctrl+N is probably faster. πŸ˜‰
    But Shift-clicking Vivaldi icon will be fixed before releasing a final version, too.

  • Emphatically second this request.

    If running multiple desktops you have to find the desktop with the running instance, start a new window, send the new window to the desired desktop, then navigate back to the original desktop.

    Shift click is better than nothing but that is not the usual convention (at least under Linux where the default behavior is to start a new instance). I can just see myself in the future: Click. Pause. Where is it? Click. Click. Oh damnit! Shift-Click. πŸ˜‰

    This is the only reason I'm still using Chrome.

    BTW: I tried -n and –new, just in case, before I found this thread.


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