[Feature Request] DANE support

  • Hey you guys, there's a new open standard out there and it's called DANE. It aims to realize SSL/TLS encryption without the Certification Authorities.

    Doing this, it can harden our everyday encryption and make the work of the NSA, GCHQ and so on a bit harder. I would love to see Vivaldi support it as one of the leading web browsers out there.

    It's maybe a bit early to propose this feature, but I just wanted to throw it in. Greetings, asyncial.

    P.S: Support in the vivaldi.net mail servers would be great, too 😉

  • Moderator

    Good idea.

    Has just created a feature request for sysadmins at Vivaldi. Letz wait what the will say 😉

  • Any news about this guys?

  • Community Manager

    @army1349 That could be a significant effort. The referenced Wikipedia article mentioned that in 2012 the Chromium team had security concerns about how the encryption for DNSSEC was deployed, we'd need to investigate if they're still relevant today. We want to complete other big milestones with Vivaldi services first before considering this.


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