Multi window issues

  • There are several issues when using multiple Vivaldi Windows. 1. Restored tabs from trash appear in another window. 2. Links are opened in a windows which is on another workspace. Environment: Xfce, Debian with testing repositories, Vivaldi: (Developer Build) dev; Revision 17137a40125227636391f78921428edea97bce8c. Thank you!

  • I'm using the same version of Vivaldi, but I'm not getting these results on my Elementary OS system. New links and trash restored tabs all appear in a new tab in the current browser window.

    Could your issues be specific to XFCE?

  • Here are the exact steps to reproduce the trash bug:

    1. Launch a fresh Vivaldi instance (e.g. close all the tabs, close and run Vivaldi again).
    2. Open and in two separate tabs.
    3. Open a new window (W2).
    4. Close tab in W1.
    5. Press ctrl+Z
    6. Watch tab reopening in W2.

  • Ah, yes. I do see that, now. The issue is with the "restore from trash" function. The tab (or group of tabs) is restored, but does so in the newly opened Vivladi window, rather than in the active window.

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