Add "Close all Tabs" to Tab submenu

  • a "Close ALL Tabs" in the Tab submenu in addition to Right, Left, Other tabs would be very helpful.

    I miss this function from my last browser.

  • Yes, this option should naturally be there. It puzzles me that it's not.

  • I agree Close All Tabs should exist. This is the only missing command that I was able to enjoy as a mouse gesture when using Maxthon for over 5 years (switched to Vivaldi about 3 weeks ago).

    Constantly moving from mouse to keyboard to mouse to keyboard is a pain. Mouse gestures are powerful because you can do things you do a lot while leaving your hand on the mouse...Close Active Tab, Close Tabs to Left/Right, Restore Last Closed Tab, Duplicate Tab, Close Other Tabs, Scroll to Top/Bottom of Page,.......

    Close All Tabs just belongs as a command for a mouse gesture and nice for it to appear in the tab's context menu.

  • Ambassador

    Vivaldi are slowly killing this browser with too many items on the menus, but no way to edit them.

    Close All Tabs is barely any different to Close Other, except that it will close the browser if “Don’t Close Window with Last Tab” is disabled in Settings, Tabs, Tab-handling.

  • @Pesala imho, a browser should not close simply because the last tab is closed. As a user, I'm choosing to close a tab. I'm not acting to cause the browser to close. That would be a different action on my part. So closing all (final) tabs is just a clean start.

  • @ankor There are others who have different opinion about it, that's why there is an option to leave the window open or close it when last tab is being closed. Both have a choice, both are happy.

  • @iAN-CooG Absolutely agree.

    My comment was more from a software design and development perspective. Many browsers offer no option and assume for the user that closing the last tab means to also close the app. imho that violates proper design. I like how Vivaldi handles it.

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