Allow Vivaldi to grab its accent color from Windows 10 accent color

  • This only applies to Windows 10, but it would be nice to be able to choose to use your Windows accent color as the accent color in Vivaldi. (Windows 10 allows you to pick an "accent color" which it applies to various UI elements, such as title bars and tiles.) Here's a mock up of what I mean.

    alt text

    I can do this by hand, of course, but hey, what are feature request forums for?

  • @fuller1754 Does this help?

    0_1544504383397_Colour Picker.png

  • @Pesala No, because if you set the Windows 10 accent color to auto, it picks the colors from the wallpaper and changes automatically with the scheduled desktop wallpaper. If you then set Vivaldi to match the desktop wallpaper, the accent color would not change automatically too without the suggested setting because the basic color picker can not do that (or if it does, the function escaped me until now)

    Apart from that: I don't think that it is a good idea to change only the accent color, because that could clash with the other colors set in Vivaldi - I personally think it would be better to take the whole W10 color scheme if Vivaldi uses the W10 desktop wallpaper and the suggested W10 specific color match were set - that way all colors would always match the OS scheme and not cause e.g. contrast issues.

  • @fuller1754 This feature request is covered by Native Themes to Match the OS Design

  • @Pesala I know I can change the Vivaldi accent color manually, and it's simple enough for me to copy the hex value of my Windows accent color in Windows settings and paste it into Vivaldi. But if Vivaldi could do this for me, that would be cool. For instance, Chrome uses your Windows accent color in the tab bar (Firefox can do this too, in Windows 10), and it just adds consistency with other apps.

  • @fuller1754 I think the linked feature request covers your request. It matches the theme to the OS.


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