Regarding Vivaldi updates

  • I'm using the version of Vivaldi (the most stable one I guess). What happens if I install a newer snapshot? I'll run two different versions of Vivaldi? Or I'll update my current installation? If I update my current installation, will my browser update to the next "big" update or eventually to the next snapshot? Sorry for the stupid question but I couldn't find an answer anywhere

  • Moderator

    Depends on where you install it. You can upgrade your existing installation then it'll always upgrade to new snapshots. Or have it installed in another place. Then they are separate and follow different update channels, too.

  • I got it, thank you for your answer!

    I guess if I follow the snapshots I also get an update for every "major" version released

    Am I going too further if I ask what will happen in the future if I currently use a snapshot version?
    I mean, will I follow an hypothetical beta channel or? I'd like to keep my version updated but with a stable release, although in this very moment I'd like to use the newest features


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