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  • Whats the url for Speed Dial so I can set it as my Home page?

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    Whats the url for Speed Dial so I can set it as my Home page?

    Oddly enough, there is no URL that works for Speed Dial, so far as I have been able to determine. I used to be able to set vivaldi://startpage as a home page, and, it never actually rendered Speed Dial, but instead gave an error page. THEN, if I clicked on the address bar and pressed "enter," it would display the Speed Dial, but now, that no longer works either. I don't know WHAT they have done to create Speed Dial with no URL, but they seem to have been able to to do it, and it really kind of pisses me off.

    So if you ever figure out a URL that works for Speed Dial, let us know - would you?

  • I noticed if you open a new tab (to speeddial) and hover over the tab it shows a url…

  • Hovering only shows the title: "Speed Dial" for me.

    The url is "chrome-extension://mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli/components/startpage/startpage.html?section=Speed-dials&activeSpeedDialIndex=0", BUT it won't open if you paste it into the address bar. Open speed dial the usual way and then you can see it in History, and from there the extension will open in "Open link in new tab"

    What I did was to create an html file with javascript redirect in there like so:

    And then I set this file as a homepage in settings. In my case it's "file:///home/stan/.config/vivaldi/myStart.html" without quotes, but this could be placed anywhere and called anything. Now clicking home button opens speeddial for me. The last value in url, "node=" can be set to 1,2,3 etc and then it will open one of the configured tabs at the top of your speeddial. History for me is "node=5", for example, but this way you can use any other of your speeddial folders as default.

  • If you add THIS url to bookmarks: "chrome-extension://mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli/components/startpage/startpage.html" it lets u access SD with a linkand can b typed into the address bar

  • @jenijames1987:

    If you add THIS url to bookmarks: "chrome-extension://mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli/components/startpage/startpage.html" it lets u access SD with a linkand can b typed into the address bar

    Doesn't work for me, bookmark manager does not accept the url and creates an empty bookmark folder instead.

  • The way I did it was: make a random bookmark of ANY website THEN go in to Bookmarks from Speed Dial then edit said bookmark & you can use it as Ive said

  • Dear jenijames1987 – BRILLIANT!!! Ta heaps, finally i have my Speed Dial / Start Page bookmark functionality back, yay.

  • @jenijames1987:

    The way I did it was: make a random bookmark of ANY website THEN go in to Bookmarks from Speed Dial then edit said bookmark & you can use it as Ive said

    Ah yes, that worked. With bookmark there's also a keyboard shortcut.

  • Glad to have helped 🙂

  • It still doesn't take arguments, though (?section=Speed-dials&node=3). I swear they worked when I first posted in this thread, ie I'd go to history, see entries for speeddials, each link would have different arguments, and they worked. I even had to change it to node=0 for the homepage link to take me to the first speeddial folder instead of the folder that was in the third node.

    I hope this weirdness with taking address input would eventually go away. I have an old and trusty custom search that takes strings like "/bg/18/63" and forms a correct url with them so I don't have to type the whole address. It worked in Opera 12, works in current Opera, but Vivaldi reads "/" as an html entity and converts it into "&sol", irrc, and I don't know how to get around that.

  • just use this as your homepage "chrome://speeddial/content/speeddial.xul" without quotes works for me…

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    In Win 8.1 at least, that is NOT speed dial. That is a non-working Google Chrome startpage

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    What's the address to load Speed Dial from a bookmark in bookmarks bar?
    Forget, found. Will come later with a trick.

    Here's how you make the home page button go to SD, you'll have to adapt depending where your elements are.

    First, enable the bookmark bar. Add SD url as the first bookmark of it.

    Now add this CSS:

    .bookmark-bar {
      overflow: visible !important;
    .bookmark-bar button:first-child img, .bookmark-bar button:first-child span {
      display: none;
    .hasfocus .bookmark-bar button:first-child:active, .hasfocus .bookmark-bar button:first-child:hover {
      box-shadow: none !important;
    .bookmark-bar button:first-child:active, .bookmark-bar button:first-child:focus:active {
      background-color: hsla(0, 100%, 100%, 0.08);
    .bookmark-bar button:first-child:focus, .bookmark-bar button:first-child:hover {
      background-color: hsla(0, 100%, 100%, 0.15);
    .bookmark-bar button:first-child {
      position: absolute;
      z-index: 20;
      /* Edit below to fit inside your home button, below is for default skin. Uncomment next to help fitting. */
      /*background: red*/
      top: -34px;
      width: 34px;
      height: 34px;
      left: 150px;

    If you don't use the bookmark bar add this as well:

    .bookmark-bar {
      height: 0;

  • @StanG

    Your method worked for me.


  • Good info, thx.

    Got "Gestures for Google Chrome" extensions open new tab working properly with vivaldi.

    Needed to change chrome://newtab/ to
    chrome-extension://mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli/components/startpage/startpage.html in TabUtils.js.

    For me lack of custom mouse gestures was the thing limiting from starting daily use of vivaldi.

  • Vivaldi should just copy Opera and place a speed dial specific button next to the address bar or allow an option to put the speed dials into the homepage. It amazes me how Vivaldi will spend so much time on new features but ignore simple but effective needs. This is why I still prefer Opera for now because with Opera they excel in little options like these that become so useful. I called for a speed dial button the day after Vivaldi released its first preview but nothing come of it just like the audio icon being on the wrong side of the tab and quite frankly very dull. That's another thing Opera excels on the audio icon properly positioned to the LEFT.

  • Set your homepage as „chrome://dummystartpage“
    All worked fine

  • @Svan:

    Set your homepage as „chrome://dummystartpage“
    All worked fine

    This works. Nice and simple!

    My dislike was, you are on a tab, want to open a new tab, touch the [+] at the tab bar end, and it puts the speed dial at the end of the tabs, distant from the area I was tabbed to and NOT adjacent to where I am working. The first thing I did is pin the speed dial. That way you do not need to pin bookmarks or history, since they each toggle from speed dial, top menu bar.

    I have my own preference for homepage, so that was left as wanted.

    I used the approach of saving an open tab as a placeholder bookmark by dragging from the address line to bookmarks bar, then from the pinned speed dial > bookmarks I edited it tittled "dummy" and changed the URL = chrome://dummystartpage

    That last step is from earlier thread info. Then I can open a speed dial link at the front of the tab bar, via "open in new tab" from the pinned speed dial, next to the current tab by "open in new tab" from any link on the current focused tab, (Vivaldi shifts from current tab to right-adjacent newly opened tab and I wish I could alter that), where at that newly opened placeholder tab I can drag/drop "dummy" from the bookmarks bar to it's address bar entry, with speed dial then opened adjacent to where I am working.

    It lends flexibility to put a speed dial where you'd want to open a tab on speed dial to where you want; etc. So, hoping the thoughts help others.

    LAST: If any reader of this thread item knows how to alter "open in a new tab" to load the adjacent tab WITHOUT shifting to it, that would be information I crave.


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