"Whoa! Vivaldi has crashed. Relaunch now?" upon launching program.

  • Upon launching Vivaldi TP3 I get the message "Whoa! Vivaldi has crashed. Relaunch now?" Options are 'OK" and "cancel". The program does not open, I just get this window. Upon selecting "OK" Vivaldi will try one more time but fail. I did not make any changes between Vivaldi working and Vivaldi not working. I had reset my computer after lunch, then it stopped working. I cannot open the program to diagnose. I have tried restarting several times, poking around to see if other programs are interfering, safe mode. I do not want to reinstall as it is a PITA to load all the bookmarks again (with TP3 freezing and not properly arranging the bookmarks). Any suggestions? Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/49920/VivaldiCrash-3.jpg[/img]


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