Vivaldi 2.2 RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1388.23

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    @rseiler @agedcommotion Try Settings>Privacy>untick the appropriate box

    0_1544469563565_Google DNS.png

  • Hopefully someone can fix the launch at maximized bug before 2.2, its been a year and V still does not launch maximized all the time.

  • @jacekn I'll admit I was using M2 all the time and was very sour when Opera ditched it, but since then I'm using the eM Client and am pretty happy with it, so personally speaking, I would like to have something else and more useful instead, like Vivaldi for Android for example, and not wasting thousand of working hours on something that is not that significant anymore, and because I believe that no matter the effort, an integrated mail based on web techonology will always be inferior to its native equivalent.

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    @luetage I've reported some minor brokenness with older versions of macOS. Are your Vivaldi windows square (when you do not have any other application windows open behind Vivaldi) and does double-clicking the combined tab/title bar do anything? (These problems will be masked if you have "Use Native Window" enabled.)

  • @xyzzy I didn't notice that, but yes, my browser windows are square, like they used to be in early versions. I happen to dig that. But they are square with other application windows in the background. And yeah, double clicking on empty tabbar doesn't maximise window anymore and middle clicking doesn't create a tab (both functionality I don't use).

  • @vorayer Vote for Allow Select Text in Settings

  • Just got 4 crashes in few minutes ago, and now also while trying to post this.
    The worst thing now is I had to restart Vivaldi with flags:
    -flag-switches-begin --debug-packed-apps --silent-debugger-extension-api --flag-switches-end
    to be even able to restart it, else it just crashes as soon as I relaunch it and it draws the tab with this forum. Reported
    (VB-47119) Random Crash while browsing
    and attached some dmp to the JIRA reply.
    Now I hope I don't have to rebuild my profile to get Vivaldi back to working.

  • @jacekn said in Vivaldi 2.2 RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1388.23:

    @ian-coog: part of me was hoping that we'll get mail for christmas, but i guess it won't happen 😞

    imo we should see first snapshots of mail at least month before final release, as this is big and sensitive feature. dang it.

    i just ditched web gmail for mailspring. it's pretty decent thing, but still misses a lot features a good mail client would have

    I hope to get M3 in January

  • I had to rebuilt the profile Default dir, following
    Apart the current session lost (just 3 tabs, got them back from history) and resetting the custom SD thumbs, everything back to normal, so far. We'll see.

  • Minor regression:
    Speed Dials can be dragged using middle click.

  • i thought we can get feature of like video picture in picture or RSS reader in this year.... may be will be get that features next year...

    Happy Holiday in advances to Developers... Have a nice vacation....err celebration!

  • @Para-Noid said in Vivaldi 2.2 RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1388.23:

    Yes, no problem finding where it is. I'm just stuck on why it is, which is why I suggested that it have a tooltip, or maybe even a link, to an explanation.

    So far, on this page, the only clue is:

    "very useful specially when using with squid/pfblockerng on pfsense.
    and also hopefully less youtube ads now."


  • @saudiqbal: It's really annoying. Fix it pls finally.

  • Running Vivaldi Snapshot on Manjaro, Xfce edition, 64 bit. I had some issues last night trying to log into Pocket. When I would attempt to login through the Chrome store app, the web page would be completely black. It remained that way even if I entered the address manually. Nothing seemed to work. The browser crashed a few times. I had trouble logging in through the non-snapshot version as well.

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