Vivaldi 2.2 RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1388.23

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today’s snapshot is the first release candidate for 2.2.

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  • Now this is a surprise!

  • Vivaldi Team

    @ian-coog: sarcasm? 😜

  • Moderator

    "Add option to disable Google DNS"

    Adding new features during an RC? A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

  • @ruario: No, I sincerely didn't expect a RC already this week, it's too early for a XMas present

  • Nice, go go go 🙂

  • VB-46963 fixed - thanks!

  • I'm experiencing an issue with the Speed Dial navigation bar. After returning to the Speed Dial from either Bookmarks or History, the address in the addressbar is not updated. In 2.1, the addressbar is empty when in SD, but not anymore.
    This has 2 consequences.

    1. When you close the browser on SD with vivaldi://bookmarks or vivaldi://history in the addressbar, it will open bookmarks or history the next time, rather than Speed Dial.
    2. But more importantly, when you try to go to: new tab > Bookmarks > Speed Dial > Bookmarks, it doesn't work, because "it is already there."

  • @ian-coog: part of me was hoping that we'll get mail for christmas, but i guess it won't happen 😞

    imo we should see first snapshots of mail at least month before final release, as this is big and sensitive feature. dang it.

    i just ditched web gmail for mailspring. it's pretty decent thing, but still misses a lot features a good mail client would have

  • Now it is often impossible to manage a page using the keyboard (Home, End, Page up/Down etc.) if the page was opened in the background and switching with the RMB+Wheel took place until the page was fully loaded. Despite this, F5 works fine in this case and even solves the problem. Clicking on the content also makes the keyboard work fully.

  • @Frederic_Chopin yeah, it's been some snapshots it's in this state and it hasn't been fixed yet, let's hope will be fixed before the final 2.2

  • [Regression] Cannot edit default download location (VB-46963)

    Now i can say... FINALLY! If devs put a button to edit the download location it will be very welcome!

  • What I noticed in these last builds is that I can't drag the browser window when clicking on an empty space in the panel – this limits maneuverability quite drastically. Right clicking on empty panel space didn't work either in the last build, but this was fixed with this build, thanks for that!

    OSX 10.11.6

  • Ambassador

    "Reset Navigation Toolbar" "Reset Status Toolbar" No help files.
    I would think the help files be ready before the feature is released.
    This would prevent the "what's that, I dunno" syndrome.

  • @para-noid: If you have removed too many buttons from the toolbar - see it as last measure if you don't find your way back to normal 🙂

  • hmmm after 2 random cold restarts Vivaldi has lost its Speed Dial thumbnails and I had to refresh them twice, I'm not sure if it is coincidence and a problem of another nature, but it happened today when I started updating some new website thumbnails with some custom ones.

    /edit: seems like it was a user corruption problem of some sort, the standalone was running fine as an admin.

  • I know what Google is. I know what DNS is. But "Use a Google DNS Service to Help Resolve Navigation Errors" borders on inscrutable. This is an example of where Vivaldi could use tooltips to help clarify a setting.

    What is the specific problem? What navigation errors? By that do you mean the ability to reach certain sites, or problems within sites ("navigation")? Why is our normal DNS insufficient? Presumably this setting forces Vivaldi to use at least some sites. Or are we talking just Google sites, perhaps the only area where might have a leg up, though I've never heard of such a need before.


  • Since one of the recent snapshots, the behaviour of CTRL+L is broken for me (Arch Linux).

    How to reproduce:

    1. Open a new tab, put input focus on the address bar if necessary
    2. Type viv
      • Result #1: the dropdown list with all your 'viv[aldi]*' URLs appears
      • Result #2: in my case, the URL in the address bar is auto-competed to, with highlighted (i.e. selected text)
    3. Press CTRL+L to focus the address bar and select the whole address (that's what it used to do, at least, and does in other browsers)
      • Result: Nothing happens, the selected part of the address remains as is; it requires some extra key presses in order to remove what you've typed so far, e.g. if you decide to go search for "funny cats" instead of going to

    I always thought that someone should have noticed it if it was a real problem, and that it was probably just broken on my system due to constantly installing snapshot over snapshot, but as it remained till now I just took the (actually really tiny) effort to try with a completely new profile, and it's still there.

    (Edit: List Markdown fixed)

  • Moderator

    @snertev said in Further regression fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1388.6:

    I'm annoyed from a regression well described in this thread:
    Same OS, recent snapshots, I've even lost data from previous sessions when Vivaldi crashes.
    As the OP of the quoted thread, it's easier to trigger this bug when you close 2 or more tabs in a row.
    I use mouse gestures a lot and this specific bug prevents me from migrating full time to Vivaldi.

    I think it would be nice to fix this problem before the release of the stable version.

  • Add option to disable Google DNS (used to help resolve navigation errors) (VB-47091)

    this is awesome guys, very useful specially when using with squid/pfblockerng on pfsense.
    and also hopefully less youtube ads now? heh

    thank you :)

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