Closing tabs with middle click makes address bar focused

  • Hello, I usually close the tabs with the middle click on it. But since I've upgraded to the previous Snapshot and now with the lastest, there is an annoying behaviour. When you middle click on a tab to close it, the next tab on list deploys the address bar and the middle click paste the clipboard content inside (feature on most Linux Window Manager => select a text and past it with directly middle click). It's pretty annoying because the address bar doesn't reduce quickly and the pasted content disappears only after a refresh. By the way, about the middle click. A cool feature which was on Opera 12 was the "paste and go" when you have an URL inside your clipboard and middle click on tab bar.

  • Hello, i have the same issue in linux….

    I hope they fix it in the next release!
    Also the Mouse Back button ^^

  • same issue in linux

  • Hello,

    Looks like to be fixed in TP !

    I also note that we can now open a new tab by middle-click on tab bar. Adding the feature "past and go" when you middle-click with an URL in clipboard and it would be perfect.

    Thanks for all :cheer:

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