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  • Hi, as discussed recently in another thread, it would be rather better security practice to show the full URL in the URL bar by default rather than hiding both the protocol and the path.

    Not only is the lack of path confusing on many websites where users cannot be sure that deep linking is available, but it is also far too easy for malicious websites or malware to make it look like you are on a valid page when, in fact, you are not.

    This really is basic security practice and all security advice on using browsers is to check URL's for validity - this cannot be done by default in Vivaldi without actually clicking inside the URL bar which most users will not think to do and won't do even if they know about it as life is too short!

  • I agree.
    And an important part of URL can be highlighted like in Firefox:

    alt text

  • IMO the problem is that nowadays some websites frequently generate horrible long URLs...
    Example? Facebook

    So with highlighting or not it's less readable

    But I'd be happy if V could display for example some kind of protocol badge?...

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @knightnet Settings -> Address Bar -> Show Full Address

    ETA: Nvm, I realise you were not looking for the option to change it, but want it to be the default on a new installation of Vivaldi.

  • Right!!

  • @ROTFL
    With the Firefox-like highlight it's perfectly readable.

  • Agreed, url should be displayed in full by default, its more secure.

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